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Veer Books

Please visit our new site, where you will be able to explore and buy these boosk online.

We will still, of course, be maintaining our site, and our especially important connection, here with the CPRC Birkbeck, so do keep coming here for announcements and other events.


Veer Books comes out of the activities at Birkbeck College’s Contemporary Poetics Research Centre (CPRC), and aims to publish a range of unconforming writing in poetry and poetics, including some texts that other publishers might view as experimental.

Veer Books have published 80 books to date by various authors, and three journals (Veer Away, veer off, and Veer About) featuring work from many and varied poets working in the field. Details of these below.
Several more publications are upcoming in the latter part of 2013/early 2014.

The third Veer Journal is now available online - published in conjunction with Intercapillary Space, Veer About 2010-2011 has been specifically designed as an online PDF publication, with fully clickable contents page, and embedded video, audio and visual work, in addition to text.
FREE Download available here.

Veer Books are William Rowe, Ulli Freer, Stephen Mooney, Aodán McCardle, Piers Hugill, Adrian Clarke and Carol Watts.

You can order these books direct from us on our new website, or, as before, by emailing with an order or an enquiry.

Veer books are also available on - click  here for our new Amazon storefront set up with our friends at Litteraria Pragensia

A selection of our books are also available in the London Review of Books bookshop.

You can also write to us at:

Stephen Mooney, School of English & Languages, FAHS, University of Surrey, Guildford, Surrey GU2 7XH.
William Rowe, Department of English and Humanities, School of Arts, Birkbeck College, University of London, 43 Gordon Square, London, WC1H OPD.

Alternatively you can phone us on 020 76316143 or 01483 683121 respectively.

We accept payment by cheque (£Sterling or €EUR), Paypal (£Sterling, $US or €EUR), or £Sterling or €EUR cash - please contact us at for further details (including postage charges).

Submissions: We are open to receiving pamphlet and book submissions at present. Do have a look, though, at the titles and sorts of work we have published to date before submitting work to us. We are interested in poetry that challenges without preconceptions, and our focus is specifically upon radical and experimental work. The poetry we are committed to publishing spans the following sorts of work (as an example): Bob Cobbing, Maggie O'Sullivan, Sean Bonney, Verity Spott, Adrian Clarke, Ulli Freer, Nat Raha, Allen Fisher, Bruce Andrews, Jeff Hilson, Richard Parker, William Rowe, Frances Kruk, Holly Pester, Ollie Evans, Robert Fitterman. Please direct all enquiries to


000  Maggie O’Sullivan – ‘All Origins are Lonely’
Veer Publication 000 [ISBN: 0-9546884-0-6]
A beautiful & innovative full colour work of contemporary poetry by one of the UK’s leading poets.
A4 size. November 2003. £8.00





001  Eric Mottram – ‘Towards design in poetry’ (2nd edition)
Veer Publication 001 [ISBN: 0-9546884-1-4/1 84254 618 X]
Mottram’s key essay on current poetics with massive, unsurpassed information. Reset and reissued in a second edition, and with an introduction by Professor William Rowe.
A4 size. 60 pages. January 2005. £4.00 [Published in conjunction with Writers Forum]




002  Val Pancucci – ‘80 SKINS AND 75 EGGS’
Veer Publication 002 [ISBN: 0-9546884-2-2]
A textually, and spatially, innovative collection of contemporary poetry from one of Birkbeck’s best poets.
A4 size. 60 pages. November 2004. £4.00


003  Adrian Clarke – ‘Former Haunts’
Veer Publication 003 [ISBN: 0-9546884-3-0]
A new three part chapbook from one of London’s best known contemporary poets and co-organiser of the Writers Forum press and workshops.
A5 size. November 2004. £4.00




004  Ulli Freer – ‘Burner on the Buff’ (2nd Edition)
'What Ulli Freer achieves in his poetry is to let words do what they can do and not simply what we can do with them. Theres an uncomfortable responsibility that accrues when words challenge your oral and aural integrity. Words making and remaining as  sunspots in the head.'
(Aodán McCardle)
Revised expanded edition, with significant new work not previously published.
6"x9" size. 136 pages. January 2014. £7.00



005  Steve McCaffery – ‘Crime Scenes’
Veer Publication 005 [ISBN: 0-9546884-5-7]
An innovative text that plays with the language and humour of TV crime shows, and crime writing, to create something altogether more slippery …
A5 size. 92 pages. June 2006. £4.00



006  Gilbert Adair – ‘Xiangren’
Veer Publication 006 [ISBN: 978-0-9546884-7-9]
An extraordinary work, focussed on, and comprised of, aspects of the short poem – imitation people, lexically exposed, and penetrated, the interplay of these poems is both invigorating and startling.
5x8” size. 56 pages. April 2007. £5.50


007  Adrian Clarke – ‘Possession’
Veer Publication 007 [ISBN: 978-0-9546884-8-6]
Adrian Clarke’s selected poems 1996 – 2006, described by Ulli Freer as a ‘power driven selection of poems from an established urban argent provocateur of innovative and linguistic writing [that] uses textual methodologies to entice and propel the senses’.
5x8” size. 128 pages. October 2007. £7.50 [Published in collaboration with Writers Forum]



008  Veer Away (Veer Journal)
Veer Publication 008 [ISSN: 1755-0815]
The first in an occasional journal of poetry and poetics from a selection of contemporary authors. Veer Away will print unconforming writing.
A4 size. 84 pages. September 2007. £3.00



009  Jerome Rothenberg – ‘A Second Book of Concealments’
Veer Publication 009 [ISBN: 978-0-9546884-6-2]
The second part of Rothenberg's important work, A Book Of Concealments which, following on from the earlier 100 poem work, A Book of Witness, suppress the witnessing “I” but draws from his accumulated works by collaging as italicized inserts small fragments of poems already written & published.
A5 size. 68 pages. October 2007. £4.00



010  Bill Griffiths ‘The Lion Man and others’
Veer Publication 010 [ISBN: 978-0-9546884-9-3]          
Bill Griffiths died in 2007. This is his own eclectic selection of individualistic and definitive work, collected here in revised and edited form. Veer Books is proud to celebrate with this collection the extraordinary work of one of the most important poets of the last 50 years in the UK.          
5x8” size. 136 pages. July 2008. £6.50



011  Alice Notley – ‘Above the Leaders’
Veer Publication 011 [ISBN: 978-0-9558763-1-8]
Above the Leaders, written in 2006, is a set of Paris poems -- almost-adventures, visitations, paranoias, the exquisite, outrageous language of l'étrangère. A complicated relation of identity to the city, this is a book of lonliness and encounter that refuses to solidify into inaction.
A5 size. 68 pages. May 2008. £4.00




012  Sean Bonney – ‘Baudelaire in English’ (2nd edition)
Veer Publication 012 [ISBN: 978-1-907088-28-5]
Charles Baudelaire explodes with raw noise and pulsating typography into the contemporary metropolis. No other versions in English have achieved the vitality of Sean Bonney's.
This new edition features an essay, ‘Poetics of Terror’, by Esther Leslie.
5x8” size. 116 pages. March 2011. £6.00




013  Estaphin – ‘DCLP (District & Central Line Project)’          
Veer Publication 013 [ISBN: 978-0-9558763-3-2]          
A subversive journey through London's District and Central lines, where sexual territory, surveillance, and other invasive totalitarian tendencies of contemporary government meet. Truly investigative poetry. Shocking, exasperating, hilarious.          
5x8” size. 176 pages. July 2008. £7.00



014  Johan de Wit – ‘Up To You Munro’          
Veer Publication 014 [ISBN: 978-0-9558763-4-9]          
Scales the inner strata of language that you half knew were there but had never visited and shows their part in the landscape. Alternately strange, dizzying, and delighting.          
5x8” size. 100 pages. July 2008. £6.00



015  Veer Journal 2 – 'veer off'  
Veer Publication 015 [ISSN: 1758-4140]  
The second in the occasional Veer journal series focusing on unconforming writing, veer off collects current writing from a selection of outstanding contemporary authors.
A4 size. 232 pages. October 2008. £6.00


016  Magdalena Chocano – ‘otro desenlace’
Veer Publication 016 [ISBN: 978-0-9558763-6-3]   
[co-edition with Ediciones Insólitas - this publication is a Spanish language title]
Magdalena Chocano's otro desenlace (roughly, Another Ending) investigates what disposition of spaces, faces and rhetorics can be read as the spectacle of power, and what materialities can be seen or spoken beneath them. In the best tradition of innovative Latin American poetry.
5.3x8.3” size. 128 pages. January 2009. £7.50




017  Maggie O'Sullivan – ‘ALTO - London Poems 1975-1984’
Veer Publication 017 [ISBN: 978-0-9558763-7-0]
Maggie O'Sullivan's new book presents work from the 1970s & '80s: these powerfully constructed poems offer a place from which it becomes possible to exercise vital thought … rather than just to suffer life; to ride in sound and syntax the sinewy entanglement of material existence.
5.3x8.3” size. 68 pages. October 2009. £7.50




018  Piers Hugill – ‘Il canzoniere’
Veer Publication 018 [ISBN: 978-1-907088-03-2]
Piers Hugill’s sonnets work their way up from one- to two- to three- to four- to five-word lines. This complexly incremental poetry makes the form strange, unbinding its energy by bringing to the surface the spectral ordering and ranking that goes on, concealed, inside the consecrated forms of poetry. These poems give a contemporary energy to the sonnet form.
5x8” size. 96 pages. November 2009. £6.00




019  Johan de Wit – ‘No Hand Signals: the invisibility of language in poetry’
Veer Publication 019 [ISBN: 978-1-907088-04-9]
De Wit’s Statements invite us to explore the unfamiliar landscape of language seen from inside its pores and corridors. Be prepared for a journey into unusual places where the habits that get you through the language labyrinth stop working and other realities start to appear.
5x8” size. 184 pages. December 2009. £8.00




020  Lawrence Upton – ‘a song and a film’
Veer Publication 020 [ISBN: 978-1-907088-05-6]
Lawrence Upton’s visual poetry throws the intense visual attraction of the letter into licentious intertwinings and copulations: ocular excitement as the alphabet loses its fixity and dances. A welcome new work from a leading poet.[Published in collaboration with Writers Forum]
A5 size. 84 pages. November 2009. £6.00





021  Tony Trehy – ‘Space The Soldier Who Died For Perspective’
Veer Publication 021 [ISBN: 978-1-907088-06-3]
“What is the shape of trust? Does the quality of experience have a thickness?” - Tony Trehy’s exploration of space combines density with a lightness of touch that excavates the language’s interior. Hinged on exhibition spaces across Europe and beyond, these texts uncover the spaces within space.
5x8” size. 92 pages. November 2009. £6.00




022  William Rowe – ‘The Earth Has Been Destroyed’
Veer Publication 022 [ISBN: 978-1-907088-07-0]
The poise and delicacy of touch of Will Rowe’s language in ‘The Earth Has Been Destroyed’ contains within it the unrelenting pulse of political activism. Its radical poetic expression bores into the ‘post-human’ stasis of disenfranchisement, reviving and uncovering momentum where other poetries enter and fail to emerge. Truly political poetry.
5x8” size. 88 pages. November 2009. £6.00



023  Antony John – ‘now than it used to be, but in the past’
Veer Publication 023 [ISBN: 978-1-907088-08-7]
Antony John’s poems hum with the undissipated energy of the newspaper type they are made up of, cutting and chopping at the lines’ velocities and composition. They reconstitute as the eye engages and the ear runs into them, leaving a sensation of dense physicality.
A4 size. 72 pages. November 2009. £5.00




024  Aodán McCardle, Piers Hugill, Stephen Mooney – ‘Shuddered’ (2nd Edition)
Veer Publication 024 [ISBN: 978-1-907088-14-8]
Three young poets explore new rhythms and sounds to make poetry that dismantles the everyday actual world of comfortable compliance and issues a challenge to hear and see and act differently.
A5 size. 296 pages. February 2010. £12.00





025  Jennifer Pike Cobbing – ‘SCRUNCH’ (2nd Edition)
Veer Publication 025 [ISBN: 978-1-907088-15-5]
Jennifer Pike Cobbing’s stunning and extraordinary visual work has for too long remained unobtainable in print form. With SCRUNCH, the first of two collections, we present a startling selection of visual work that stretches over decades of innovation.  This is a book long, long overdue, and features both visual poetry and visual composition in both black and white and vibrant colour.
A4 size. 120 pages. February 2010. £10.00




026  Out To Lunch – ‘Smooch Tentet Resolve’
Veer Publication 026 [ISBN: 978-1-907088-11-7]
Bouncing out of the page, Out To Lunch’s brilliantly quirky Smooch Tentet Resolve explodes the confines of the page and the medium. This is a text where sharp, ratcheted language is propelled by a cartoon visuality that is thoroughly modern, invading as it does the 21st century territory of the poem.
5x8” size. 96 pages. June 2010. £6.00




027  Cris Paul – ‘stenia cultus handbook’
Veer Publication 027 [ISBN: 978-1-907088-12-4]
'Drawing on a long, and long-suppressed, tradition of visual and sound poetry (think Cobbing, think O'Sullivan, think Bonney), Paul's poems map out territories for survival by imagining new linguistic shapes. As one might expect, there's a strong element ofmagic to his writing – language is used both as spell and charm – but there's nothing New Age about it. It knows its targets and it's out to get them. No one is innocent: ‘A punch in the throat to both hapless and vanguard.’ This volume is a provocation and anecessity.' (Jeff Hilson)
A5 landscape size. 76 pages. April 2010. £6.00



028  Robert Hampson – ‘an explanation of colours’
Veer Publication 028 [ISBN: 978-1-907088-16-2]
'Abstract and concrete, myopic and panoptic both. Hampson resists the painterly as he explores the intellectual colouring beyond or within colour [....] In a spare discourse, tempered with contaminants and politics, he spots ‘a glare of light/ on flaking paintwork/ in some larger economy’, and sets it down for us to consider the relationship' (Robert Shepperd)
5x8” size. 68 pages. March 2010. £6.00




029  jennypikcob – ‘The Conglomerization of Wot’
Veer Publication 029 [ISBN: 978-1-907088-17-9]
This second book of visual work from Jennifer Pike Cobbing displays the extraordinary breath of her practice as an artist. From photography, drawings, paintings, jewellery, work in ceramics, glass, metal and wood to textual and visual work for the screen as well as dance and movement, Cobbing has produced an astounding volume and variety of work, of which this is a small selection. Again, stretching over decades of innovation, this work demonstrates her unfailing ability to bring the visual into the field of the textual. Black and white and colour pages.
A4 size. 144 pages. July 2010. £12.00



030  Jeff Hilson – ‘In The Assarts’
Veer Publication 030 [ISBN: 978-1-907088-18-6]
'Jeff Hilson's hilarious, tragic, wobbling, witty poems mix the high seriousness of Stein, Spicer & Ceravolo with the pleasingly ridiculous Englishness of both Stevie & Mark E. Smith…Reading [them] is like encountering Buster Keaton in a codpiece staggering down the Walworth Road clutching a handful of Clifford T Ward & Krautrock albums whilst being pursued by Francis Picabia & the Sheriff of Nottingham. Hooray!  Jeff Hilson's happy project is the most exciting in contemporary British poetry.'   (Tim Atkins)
16cm2 size. 92 pages. July 2010. £6.00



031  Wayne Clements – ‘Clerical Work’
Veer Publication 031 [ISBN: 978-1-907088-19-3]
'Wayne Clements reads his poems at an equidistance from his voice, for the listener (and the reader) voice and poem become one, as it should be, the vocal and the visual, the voice and the page stress the predominance of variation and repetition as one integrated rhythmical device […] This is high-intensity poetry, at once lyrical and progressive, focussing on breathtaking linguistic detail as well as the broad philosophical brush strokes, subtly playing with all the possibilities of creating meaning including a graphic and sonic treatment of echoes and silences; there is a strong forward movement to these poems which makes for irresistible reading.'  (Johan de Wit)
5x8” size. 64 pages. August 2010. £6.00



032  Harry Gilonis – ‘eye-blink’
Veer Publication 032 [ISBN: 978-1-907088-20-9]
We’ve all met theoretically ‘faithful’ translations; Harry Gilonis’s eye-blink, however, proffers guaranteed faithless re-writings, re-workings, of 64 poems by eight major poets of the Chinese T’ang dynasty (618-907 AD) - one of the golden ages of world writing.
A5 size. 112 pages. September 2010. £7.00




033  Adrian Clarke – ‘Drastic Measures’
Veer Publication 032 [ISBN: 978-1-907088-22-3]
'With such a lot of things going on between the words this is a poetry to think and hear with, its feelers tunnelling into the language we’ll never know the outside of. The differences inside repetition, the condensings and distensions, ring clear as a bell, refusing undulant tone recognition (narcotic agent), making a continuous disturbance of the ear and giving radiant edges to words so the demotic can tell what is going on. Dance of the intellect, with delight and irony.'
(Will Rowe)
5x8” size. 176 pages. November 2010. £8.00



033⅓ rpm  MJ Weller – ‘Beat generation Ballads’
Veer Publication 033⅓ [ISBN: 978-1-907088-24-7]
'‘And did those feet’ yes the Beat Generation’s did finally in England according to Mike Weller’s culture-wrecking docu-track: this is what really happened, in wild precision. Poetry – cultural studies can’t touch it!'
(Will Rowe)
8.3” x 8.3” size. 104 pages. March 2011. £15.00



034  Gilbert Adair – ‘Sable Smoke’
Veer Publication 034 [ISBN: 978-1-907088-23-0]
'There’s only one method: throw yourself into the darkness which is (at least) the darkness of ink and death. Lose yourself in strange demotics, restart-loops, flarf-like overspills, sleuthy overhearings, scatological flingings of language, self-reflexive poetics questions: these proverbs of death. If ‘sable smoke’ is an embarrassed reference to death then these are death grunts after the events, the transcriptions of voices, vampires, the graphology of emphasis for the ear—nothing random. A little openness to punning, infantile abandonment, language-ploy, goes a long way. You’ll hear these death rattles laughing.'
(Robert Sheppard)
US Letter size. 172 pages. November 2010. £10.00



035  Maggie O'Sullivan – ‘murmur’
Veer Publication 035 [ISBN: 978-1-907088-25-4]
'From a premier contemporary, murmur invitates us to revised attention, to a verbal & typographic spatiality where operates a liberating vulnerability to what irrupts. Taste at'
(Gilbert Adair)
Full colour work, available for the first time in print.
A4 size. 96 pages. October 2011. £20.00




036  Demosthenes Agrafiotis – ‘+-graphies’
Veer Publication 036 [ISBN: 978-1-907088-27-8]

A new collection of visual and graphic work, gathering together the diverse strands, and showcasing the breadth, of Agrafiotis' practice in the visual. Features work in English, Greek and French. Black & white and colour pages.

19.5cms x 29cms size. 164 pages. June 2011. £15.00





037  Veer Journal 3 – ‘Veer About 2010-2011’
Veer Publication 037 [ISSN: 2046-3529]

The third in the occasional Veer journal series focusing on unconforming writing, Veer Away collects current writing from a selection of outstanding contemporary authors.

Published in conjunction with Intercapillary Space, Veer About 2010-2011 has been specifically designed as an online PDF publication, with fully clickable contents page, and embedded video, audio and visual work, in addition to text.
Edited by Adrian Clarke and William Rowe.
A4 size. 238 pages. February 2011.
FREE Download available here.


038  Aodán McCardle – ‘IS ing’
Veer Publication 038 [ISBN: 978-1-907088-29-2]
Aodán McCardle’s long awaited first solo collection of performance work. A transcription from the recordings of performances from the last four years, this is uncompromising and unapologising experimental poetry that brilliantly engages the risk horizon of performance writing.
8.3” x 8.3” size. 80 pages plus CD. May 2011. £10.00


039  Maurice Scully – ‘A Tour of the Lattice’
Veer Publication 039 [ISBN: 978-1-907088-30-8]
A music of seeing, thinking, weighing up the weight of the world and finding its music in the cracks and slithers that are not supposed to happen. A real freedom here. A Tour of the Lattice is a new selection from Maurice Scully's 8-book project Things That Happen.
5x8” size. 164 pages. May 2011. £8.00




040  SJ Fowler – ‘fights (2nd edition)’
Veer Publication 040 [ISBN: 978-1-907088-84-1]

'Steven Fowler's Fights is a book of many, various, & rare excitements. At times I was reminded of Jack Spicer's Holy Grail poems, at others, of Reznikoff's Testimony: that's a strange & unusual combination. Much contemporary poetry can be accused of lacking ambition, but Fights--with its various forms & approaches-- reaches not for the single knockout punch, but for the variety & beauty of the stars. There are not many books of poetry where you turn the page not knowing what is coming next, but this is one of them.' (Tim Atkins)

5x8” size. 124 pages. October 2015. £9.00



041  David Miller – ‘Black, Grey and White - a book of visual sonnets’
Veer Publication 041 [ISBN: 978-1-907088-32-2]
Shimmering lines of grey-black space gather and release intensity, swell and withdraw to elicit song from a reader's white stare. Visual translations of the sonnet form. Landscape seen for the first time, time and memory.
A5 size. 40 pages. November 2011. £5.00




042  Bruce Andrews – ‘You can’t have everything . . . Where would you put it!’
Veer Publication 042 [ISBN: 978-1-907088-33-9]
'In You Can't Have Everything … Where Would You Put It! a longstanding interest in visceral dimensionalities of signification engages with the aesthetic theory laid out in Kant’s Critique of Judgment (be warned: Andrews’ final section is called “RICO”).'
(Gilbert Adair)

5.5x8.5” size. 236 pages. October 2011. £10.00




043  Robert Fitterman – ‘HOLOCAUST MUSEUM’
Veer Publication 043 [ISBN: 978-1-907088-34-6]
'The powerful effect of this remarkable project is realized most acutely only after one has read dozens or hundreds of items on the lists. We begin, blearily, weakly, to be conscious of the upsetting juxtapositions. Of course the holocaust archive is loaded ipso facto with dramatic ironies, especially the prewar materials. The caption of a photo can read like a conventional imagistic poem: “A group of young people pose outdoors in the snow.” One could write whole interpretive pages--traditional poetic close reading--on that line. That, too, would be upsettingly ironic. To the extent that the holocaust encompassed everything, Holocaust Museum responds to the problem of representation by making precisely everything its object.'
(Al Filreis)

5x8” size. 124 pages. October 2011. £7.00


044  Simon Smith – ‘Gravesend’
Veer Publication 044 [ISBN: 978-1-907088-36-0]
‘As Simon Smith was never swayed by the three-colour gloss of Cool Brittania he now dismisses the doom-monger’s toll that says just by walking to the looted edge of the recession we will fall off into a sea of outraged mannequins. Unwilling to accept at face value the false belief that Graves-end is a necropolis for plague victims Smith walks it to find human movement amidst the detritus of the living. Far from the average poet of ‘place’ who attempts to bring the aleatory world into their privileged centre, he makes for the truth of the fringes. Gravesend is anti-media, it records what doesn’t sell. Smith is on a long-term project that is shifting with the sediments of the times, aware “history doesn’t repeat itself, people do’.  (Chris McCabe)
16cmsx16cms size. 56 pages. November 2011. £5.00


045  Scott Thurston – ‘Reverses Heart's Reassembly’
Veer Publication 045 [ISBN: 978-1-907088-41-4]
A dance with and against sense, Scott Thurston’s sequence moves and stands still, opens and closes itself, around a core of thought sentience and heart’s risk. A bodywork of language, intimate and extimate.
5.83x9.45” size. 48 pages. November 2011. £5.00





046  Alan Halsey – ‘Even if only out of’
Veer Publication 046 [ISBN: 978-1-907088-39-1]
These poems were written 2008-10. They include some skips & charms against recession, Cicero’s reflections on New Labour, an alphabet, two sets of riddles, a quarrelsome symposium on Blake’s erotica, a tale of post-imperial commerce, recent discoveries concerning the lizopard, versions of Martial, notes on bubbles and additions to Lives of the Poets.
6x9” size. 108 pages. November 2011. £8.00




047  Tom White – ‘My Camp’
Veer Publication 047 [ISBN: 978-1-907088-37-7]
Tom White's My Camp tracks the Hitler experiment in its most distinct outreaches, against the grain of fake ethics and comfortable morality, interrogating the language. Watch out for bits of your face in the glissant mirror.
A4 size. 48 pages. November 2011. £5.00





048  R.T.A. Parker – ‘The Traveller & The Defence of Heaven’
Veer Publication 048 [ISBN: 978-1-907088-45-2]          

Projective epic?  End-of-the-world Sci Fi Saga? Sophisticated shaggy dog story? This poem’s mix of allegory, the mock heroic, graphic imaginings, narrative invention and parodic brilliance enriches the account of a city-size spaceship escaping the demise of our solar system. At the outset the ship’s pilot admits, “I dread | the dé | noument / Of this | myster | ious / Story | between | the stars ”, and with good reason. Midway through the poem, come to the end of stellar space, all aboard retire to pods for “many | million / Years of  | forcèd | slumber”. Readers need fear no such fate.
(Adrian Clarke)

5x8” size. 108 pages. May 2012. £7.00



049  Peter Larkin – ‘Imparkments’
Veer Publication 049 [ISBN: 978-1-907088-49-0]
In these poems, the first four of which form part of a Likestarlings collaboration with Jonathan Skinner, written in response to his poems in the same area, Olmsted Park, and those that follow, based on unused material from the collaboration, Peter Larkin shows a real committment to working things out formally. In his radical poetry Larkin passes over dialectic in order to mourn very plural differences.
A5 size. 36 pages. November 2012. £5.00




050 Allen Fisher - Defamiliarising _______________ *
Veer Publication 050 [ISBN: 978-1-907088-51-3]

'Defamiliarising ________________ * Allen Fisher. First published in 1982 by Spanner, Veer are pleased to have republished this work in its original format. This sequence forms part of a cluster of work started in 1980’s, and gives an insight and understanding into this major innovative Poet’s praxis. Here there is a real focus on procedures, with the physical substance of language, shifting from a structural base that stems from a composer’s manuscript of Time and Motion study. There is more illumination drawn from the vast range of Fisher researches, includes quantum mechanics, astronomy and biogenetics, making some incredible long lines, and much more….' (Ulli Freer)
New edition Preface and Afterword by Allen Fisher.
A4 landscape size. 134 pages. Colour and B&W. March 2013. £20.00



051 Martin Bakero - ‘abjects’
Veer Publication 051[ISBN: 978-1-907088-52-0]
'Martin Bakero moves out of lines of sight and into vortices of light, thicknesses of eye's swimming. These visual-verbal works rediscover the experience of words in visible encounters through intense and intricate movement of colour and borders, We are called to find ourselves in these almost delirious expeditions.' (William Rowe)
A5 size. 128 pages. Full colour. March 2013. £12.00



052  Catherine Hales – ‘feasible stratagems’
Veer Publication 052 [ISBN: 978-1-907088-54-4]
Catherine Hales presents the extreme depletion of space and sense in the contemporary city by agents of capital. Her book also trusts the joy of the gaps in the order and breathes there. Out of these incalculable places an ‘us’ emerges. We are invited to move from perception to thought and back again, verifying the real environment, listening from inside the phrase to the music of the idea as it grasps where we are. (William Rowe)
229x152mm size. 68 pages. May 2013. £6.00




053  Karen Mac Cormack - 'AGAINST WHITE'
Veer Publication 053  [ISBN: 978-1-907088-55-1]'Rarely have the unlikeliest materials - from horoscopes to a shorthand manual - been reworked into forms as variously suggestive as these. Part 1 extends to the found, visual and concrete; Ricochet ricochets off a central “prism”, discovering fresh possibilities in reverse word order. Part 2 begins with juxtaposings of near homonyms and partial anagrams to aphoristic or lyrical effect. To the final TAI PING - a “travel account in scriptio continua” - the diligent reader will be reciprocating these acts of attention, intelligence, taste and wit performed with an open hand.' (Adrian Clarke)
US Letter size. 148 pages. June 2013. £10.00




054  Carol Watts - 'Sun Dog'
Veer Publication 054 [ISBN: 978-1-907088-56-8]
‘Carol Watts's book makes of itself a place where care can be affirmed, makes it by seeing and hearing indirect light and unstructured sound, by sensing the cosmic material entailed by the sight of a child - cognizance of this requiring trust in what's fragile - more precisely, risking faith in what you can do with that and  in abandoning what damages.’ (William Rowe)
19cmsx19cms size. 90 pages. June 2013. £8.00



055  Raúl Zurita / William Rowe – ‘LVB’
Veer Publication 055 [ISBN: 978-1-907088-60-5]
'In Chile, the country of thirst, the deaf Ludwig Van Beethoven conducts the defeated orchestra while it disappears into the sky, leaving a line of blood in the horizon. All prophecy is useless when the waves smash onto a dead beach. Beethoven, disconcerted when nobody listens, hears and feels anything, thinks he can hear the sound of the sea but it is the same patrols, the same orchestra disappearing. The Chilean poet Raúl Zurita, in LVB, builds a poetics around the memory of his country's struggle against the Pinochet dictatorship in the 1970s and '80s. From this starting point he considers the manners in which memory lives on in language and how the dead might talk with the reader of poetry. The British poet and critic William Rowe's excellent translation achieves a transposition of word and tones that makes Zurita's struggle immediate for English-speaking readers.'  (Jessica Pujol-Duran)
A5 size. 36 pages. September 2013. £5.00


056  Veer Vier: For Will Rowe
Veer Publication 056 [ISSN: 2046-3529]

The fourth in the occasional Veer journal series focusing on unconforming writing, and edited by Carol Watts, Stephen Mooney and Aodán McCardle, 'Veer Vier: For Will Rowe' has been put together to celebrate William Rowe's immense contribution to the international poetry world, and the loving and intellectual esteem in which he is held as poet, critic, publisher, teacher, friend and inspiration by so many in that world. A limited edition hard copy, perfect bound, version of this journal was published on the occasion of his retirement from Birkbeck College in September 2013.
This present online edition represents a much expanded and equally committed body of work celebrating, addressed to and responding to William Rowe and his work, by poets and writers too numberous to list here - instead, check out the journal itself!
A4 size. 132 pages. October 2014.
FREE Download available here.


057  John Kinsella & Drew Milne – ‘Reactor Red Shoes’     
Veer Publication 057 [ISBN: 978-1-907088-62-9]
Recognising that collaboration can mask individual agency, somehow privileging a more collective consciousness, the poets articulated resistances to shared personal, collective and socio-political problems. Nuclear reactors, nuclear weapons, uranium mines and the machinery for enriching uranium, to take one such problem, are omnipresent across the planet and too often silently accepted as givens. The technology of radioactivity extends into the very texts created to resist it. Protest becomes paradoxical rather than successful, a commentary rather than an act of change. This becomes the impasse ‘Reactor Red Shoes’ seeks to find a way through: how might the poem generate meaningful differences in the process of reacting to the shifts and disguises of collective threats and damages?
6.14x9.21” size. 152 pages. November 2013. £9.00



058 Mark Atkins & Rod Mengham - ‘STILL moving
Veer Publication 058 [ISBN: 978-1-907088-64-3]
'For Rod Mengham and Marc Atkins, cracking mirrors and counter-mirrors are not only a frontier between two worlds, they represent a systematic quest for desire, a haunted visual trope leaping towards an elsewhere as threatening as it is seducing, setting out to explore “the rear view of historical convergence”, carefully recording instances in which the conjunctions, collisions and chiaroscuro of memory and fantasy take us beyond the scope of the thinkable and the imaginable.'(Michel Delville)
Design by Vaughan Oliver and Marc Atkins.A4 landscape size. 80 pages. Colour and B&W. March 2014. £15.00


059  Robert Fitterman – ‘JUST ANOTHER SOFT MACHINE’
Veer Publication 059 [ISBN: 978-1-907088-66-7]
A handbook of some ways contemporary poets use radical appropriation. The question is, how the meaning of anything readable changes when it's moved into a new framing. Fitterman explores the terrain of quotation/conceptual writing.
A6 size. 34 pages. March 2014. £3.00





060  Gilbert Adair – ‘Syzem: Book One’
Veer Publication 060 [ISBN: 978-1-907088-67-4]
'Gilbert Adair’s Syzem is not a response to William Blake, but a heart-beating, multivocal, omnivorous RESPONSE that spirals to radioactive space-time translation-imagination-transmission. Plate by plate, platelet by platelet, Blake calls to Adair and Adair shrieks back through clouds and forms of words—a continuing call to resistance and creation through ages to now.'
(Marcella Durand)
US Letter size. 120 pages. B&W and full colour text. March 2014. £18.00



061  Peter Jaeger – ‘540493390 (research)
Veer Publication 061 [ISBN: 978-1-907088-68-1]
'This book maintains a quiet pace that masks a relentless forwardness and the narrator seems to know more than us embodied as we are in the helplessness of ‘you’. Zero, none and naught accrue positive values within a trajectory of depletion but the uncomfortable parallel with considerations of worth, value, knowledge and uncertainty that might make up a life leave us wondering how or where the book will leave us.'
(Aodán McCardle)
A5 size. 90 pages. May 2014. £6.00



062  Allen Fisher – ‘SPUTTOR’
Veer Publication 062 [ISBN: 978-1-907088-69-8]
'A totally unique book which tracks, via text and image (as much image as words) in varied interweaving and rhythm, the story of the space shuttle as an index of our time. Allen Fisher offers a shifting constellation of intersections, through which to find out where we are, given that the short range of our perceptions is not adequate to the task. Philosophy, science and politics are brought to the inquiry. This is poetry in the widest possible sense: the most intense of our disasters and the most luminous of our dreams can go into it. Forget the gem-like poem that brings a bit of art into your life. This book is on the edge, forging a non-saturated language that can speak of real things. Some will say it’s not poetry. All the better.' (William Rowe)
US Letter size. 130 pages. Full colour text. September 2014. £14.00


063  Gregorio Fontén – ‘FM’
Veer Publication 063 [ISBN: 978-1-907088-70-4]'
Gregorio Fontén’s book is an intense visual experience, making and unmaking patterns that enter the act of reading and alter our perception. It takes us into reading as a multiple action, involving much more than recognizing the bare meaning of words and extracting it from the book. Instead, the book itself is alive with sound like a piano to be played, with moving shapes that the words pass through. It takes us towards a total experience of the word.'(William Rowe)
20.6x29.1 cms size. 78 pages. B&W and full colour text. October 2014. £8.00



064  Steve McCaffery – ‘TATTERDEMALION’     
Veer Publication 064 [ISBN: 978-1-907088-72-8]'A gathering from 39 years loosening the stays of syntax ... and even those of the word as the letters of  Williams’ The Red Wheelbarrow spill in disarray across 4 pages. From free-wheeling tetrameter couplets and lists derived from the Buffalo Telephone Directory, through permutations, paragrams, parody and shameless puns with a typographical variety to match, in a perhaps libidinal as much as general economy, the pleasures of invention never stop.'(Adrian Clarke)6.14x9.21” size. 212 pages. November 2014. £10.00




065   Frances Kruk – ‘lo-fi frags in-progress’
Veer Publication 065 [ISBN: 978-1-907088-74-2]‘Something maybe catastrophic has happened to the relation between the body and language. The body ceases to measure where you are. The body is no longer a matrix of the landscape. A malign geometry has replaced politics. Something unspoken is going on in basements and other secret places. Not even the dead  are  safe. We need to turn language inside out. If you think any of these statements are true you need to read this book..’ (William Rowe)8" x 8" size. 148 pages. May 2015. £10.00



Veer Publication 066 [ISBN: 978-1-907088-75-9]

'THESE VISUALS INVOKE BEYOND THE PARA, and are as Icons, FOR FREE ADAPTIONS.  ADAPTING FOR PARTICIPATION, LIKE AS IN HAPPENING/PERFORMANCE, TO SEE All BLURRING AND VECTOR FORMS ACELERATED FROM MOMENTUM TO VIRTUALLY stationary almost FILLING FLOATING or SPED INTO SOLIDITIES TO Fragmentation, IN  AN UNFOLDING, OVER & IN THE DARK GROUND.  O FOLDs IN FLEXIONS to visualise, the DEEPNESS OF OURSELVES & almost dance for the yet folded possibilities of unknown partners.  To be a rising from NEW RIVERs, in a streetwise kabuki moment, flow from vibrant limbs, communal steppers from other universes. Patricia Farrell’s work is a necessary Art, it is our Ausweis to land skipping.' (Ulli Freer)
A4 landscape size. 13 loose leaf pages. B&W. June 2015. £4.00


067  Bob Cobbing – ‘abc in sound’ (8th edition)
Veer Publication 067 [ISBN: 978-1-907088-76-6]
'This 8th edition of Bob Cobbing’s 1965 ground-breaking polylingual sonic abecedary unites Jennifer Pike Cobbing’s cover design for its original publication as Sound Poems with the typeset text of later printings and a new introduction by Robert Sheppard which investigates its character, pre-history and subsequent realisations in performance.' (Adrian Clarke)
A5 size. 72 pages. March 2015. £6.00




068  Adrian Clarke – ‘Excess Measures’
Veer Publication 068 [ISBN: 978-1-907088-79-7]
'The images in this poetry are not adjectival. The music, the song of the words, is not tied down. It tells you something without reducing itself. The line tensioned ‘an abrupted spring’ sings in and out of context, tongues the brain awake. It answers its introductory open letter or we do in reading not what it says but what it does.' (Aodán McCardle)
5"x8" size. 136 pages. June 2015. £7.00




071  John Cayley – ‘Image Generation’
Veer Publication 071 [ISBN: 978-1-907088-82-7]
'image generation brings clarity reading through itself. from the first surprise of narratives into the transformed permutations, shifts against revealed repetition and derivation clones from those narratives already provided to some extent provided. two column syntactic overlap nouns given as placed verb it. and then describes the compositional order of two word columns broken into breaches and breath groups and then narrative collages until broken elements repaired with sound, use computer generation rather than aleatory. in a noisy world full of claims and conformity, a clear water made possible through modernist endeavour. the collection demonstrates a meeting of confidence with eloquence.' (Allen Fisher)
210x138mm size. 144 pages. July 2015. £8.00











Burner 000  Piers Hugill – ‘“Ways Through a Field”: 13 Lyrics’
Burner Veer Publication 000 [ISBN: 978-0-9558763-0-1]
Piers Hugill's beautiful and poignant rewriting of the lines of field, poetry and process. Both surprising and densely material, this is a text that encounters within its own processes the performance of field as both place and concept. This is the first in a new series of Veer publications emphasising a responsiveness and an immediacy of samizdat reportage.
A5 size. 40 pages. April 2008. £4.00


Burner 001  Francis Crot (aka: Jow Lindsay) – ‘OCTAVE PUKE: 3 CHAPTERS FROM THE TRAGEDY OF BEYONCE KNOWLES’
Burner Veer Publication 001 [ISBN: 978-0-9558763-5-6]
The book that crashed Lightning Source! Francis Crot's startling second excerpt from the extraordinary 'Tragedy of Beyonce Knowles'. Labelled as Cuntomatic II: Posture In Gloucester, this text extends the scope and horizon of the project far beyond the expected (or the rational)!  Visuals by Claire Cecelia Churches Lindsay.
5x8” size. 96 pages. October 2009. £7.00


Burner 002  Tom White – ‘Old Sense’
Burner Veer Publication 002 [ISBN: 978-0-9558763-8-7]
In Tom White’s text, desire is the language cruising to jouissance the words narcotic, solicit streets & be wrapped around tree trunk, substantiated through reflection and analysis down fishnet alleys.
A3 size. April 2009. 21 pages. [comes in its own tube!] £5.00


Burner 003  Out To Lunch – ‘Swift Blab Residue’
Burner Veer Publication 003 [ISBN: 978-0-9558763-9-4]
Out To Lunch's Hottentot heehaw of sheer joy in language: poems that lick their chops at the physical load, the zig-zag cut, the intellectual blast, the music of ur-sounds.
Crown Quarto size. 36 pages. April 2009. £4.00 



Burner 004  Jon Clay – ‘Here 1-24
Burner Veer Publication 004 [ISBN: 978-1-907088-00-1]
In Jon Clay’s ‘Here 1-24’ emotional landscapes intersect with multiple interlocking ‘heres’, where presence is both shifting and pivoted. It’s feet-finding stuff.
A5 size. 40 pages. September 2009. £4.00



Burner 005  James Harvey – ‘Temporary Structures’
Burner Veer Publication 005 [ISBN: 978-1-907088-01-8]
James Harvey’s texts move into and out of visual spaces with subtle and striking thrusts. Open and closing visuality - angles abound!
A5 size. 44 pages. October 2009. £4.00





Burner 006  James Wilkes – ‘Reviews’
Burner Veer Publication 006 [ISBN: 978-1-907088-02-5]
This short collection relocates the review of poetry to poetry itself. Billed as ‘reviews of imaginary books’ these texts undo the relationship between the poetic and the discourse of appraisal.
A5 size. 24 pages. October 2009. £4.00




Burner 007  Justin Katko – ‘The Death of Pringle (2nd Edition)’
Burner Veer Publication 007 [ISBN: 978-1-907088-44-5]
The Death of Pringle is a journey through the imperial/scientific/infinitely-manipulative matrix of virtual power: the cynical wager against which poetry is the only language capable of going further and faster. And can it move! Labile switching, epic and farce, Shelley and punk, intellect and sewer. Pringle is a poem/opera with soundtrack (CD included) and visual accompaniment (some marvellous stuff). Sheer guts. Renew your confidence in poetry!
229x152mm" size. Full colour edition. 100 pages. October 2012. £15.00 with CD included.




Burner 008  Nat Raha – ‘Octet’
Burner Veer Publication 008 [ISBN: 978-1-907088-21-6]
'From the anthropomorphic pastoral of All The Trees Of The Field Will Clap Their Hands we remove to Nat Raha’s “metropolitik love”: familiar locations set to strange, subtle musics that float over a “visual digitised to characteristic white caterwaul”. In a richly impure diction culled from Middle English to current technical vocabularies a synaesthetic lyric “soaks the recolour”. Orpheus singt, indeed.'
(Adrian Clarke)
5.3x8” size. 64 pages. November 2010. £5.00



Burner 009  Johan de Wit – ‘Lord How And His Sandwich’
Burner Veer Publication 009 [ISBN: 978-1-907088-38-4]
Lord How meets, eats, and excretes. Ingestion, digestion, elimination are to convenience food what reading, comprehension, and forgetting are to convenient literature. Remember what it is to read, wonder at what it is to know, live in a persistent present of finding. Let Lord How’s Sandwich by Johan de Wit swallow you whole!  (Wayne Clements)
A5 size. 40 pages. November 2011. £5.00




Burner 010  Rebecca Cremin – ‘LAY’D’
Burner Veer Publication 010 [ISBN: 978-1-907088-40-7]
Like white silk, this eye catches the screen at every turn: a slice through the eyeball revealing the edges of the unscreened visual. Physical is black movement in all dimensions, the book is not happy to sit in your hand.
A5 landscape size. 156 pages. November 2011. £8.00



Burner 011  James Cummins – ‘FLASH BANG’
Burner Veer Publication 011 [ISBN: 978-1-907088-43-8]
Jimmy Cummins' flash bang of a book bursts and accelerates through the pages. Vibrant, energetic poetry that makes itself known!
A5 size. 40 pages. November 2011. £5.00





Burner 012  Doug Jones – ‘Posts’
Veer Publication 045 [ISBN: 978-1-907088-50-6]
'Started - and continuing - as skewed, quizzical, discontinuous Facebook bulletins, this selection of Posts from 1/12/10 to 17/1/13 infringes various limits. An apparence of syntax barely disguises unsyntactical disorderings which respond to flicker perceptions of the Norfolk landscape and a history of exploitation. Notations for genre scenes, gnomic observations, overheard snatches: domestic and public; broadcast, windscreen, consulting room and street level - each entry resonates briefly. Down the book's crammed, narrow pages which suggest a non-print origin they ring a carillon for "an indentured nature which moneys itself slow, a measure of the patterns of heaven".'
(Adrian Clarke)
10cmsx20cms size. 36 pages. March 2013. £3.50



Burner 013  David Ashford - 'Xaragmata'
Burner Veer Publication 013 [ISBN: 978-1-907088-53-7]
'Xaragmata asks what is the thereness of things such as the earliest surviving weavings, fragments of pre-alphabetic script, recordings of the blitz and so on in order to turn that question back to the mode of existence of poetry. This unusual book takes us on a journey through meetings of materials and concepts so that they become transmissions which reach out beyond the original material and exist – as forms of delight - for the senses and the mind.' (William Rowe)
5.5x8.5” size. 32 pages. June 2013. £5.00



Burner 014  Steve Willey - 'Elegy'
Burner Veer Publication 014 [ISBN: 978-1-907088-57-5]
An elegant if ominously black box containing 31 sheets of A4 card . The text proceeds in and out of colour through four planetary houses, two music scores and a startling variety of rearrangements, rotations, snakings, squarings-off and bleedings in which a shocked physicality intuits its limits in the experience of grief. An accompanying CD contains a performance of the first score, telling two- and multi-voiced readings from the text, and a recording of sound in outer space.
(Adrian Clarke)
A4 size. 30 pages. June 2013. £10.00



Burner 015  Ollie Evans – ‘Kettles’
Burner Veer Publication 015 [ISBN: 978-1-907088-58-2]Kettles takes the work out of the mouth of the police and returns it to actual space in which words are not used to confine and debase bodies but exist for free assembly in varied placement by any user. Reader finds them ordered in squares which divide and place them in blocks – in kettles – but insofar as you are free to move, reassemble, delete them this is potential of language for emancipation. The experiment is exciting, i.e. energises seeing, hearing and thinking all together. The boundaries bend and wander, and the words finally fall out of space. (William Rowe)A5 landscape size. 30 pages. June 2013. £5.00


Burner 016  Holly Pester - 'Bark Leather'
Burner Veer Publication 016 [ISBN: 978-1-907088-59-9]
To fall out of propriety – ultimately, out or property – what does it mean? The proper order is gone. ‘All kinds of sputter suddenly relate to each other.’ The way you hear it is going to change - the language: out of control and failing - to measure what it’s supposed to. So this is not the master’s voice. And the result is a different world, close by but unremarked. And Bark Leather makes this happen by calling to us with the most un-judging expressions, the ones that speak from intimate and unguarded feeling and from perception of things in whatever place they happen to be, not where they should be. The truth is things are not in their place.  (William Rowe)
6"x9” size. 36 pages. June 2013. £5.00



Burner 017  Verity Spott - 'Balconette'
Burner Veer Publication 017 [ISBN: 978-1-907088-73-5]
'What is real? What is the situation that forces you to resort to the power of death? What is the state that has no answer to that question? The reach of this work, its co-ordinates – its cosmology – includes our intimate relation with destruction. The dictatorship of the proletariat hurled against the conditions of now. Pain without transcendence. Start there. It also includes the utmost tenderness (the naked, not the pathetic). Where do we move from there?' (William Rowe)
7"x9” size. 35 pages. November 2014. £5.00



Burner 018  Rosa van Hensbergen - 'In Accident & Emergence'
Burner Veer Publication 018 [ISBN: 978-1-907088-77-3]
‘The duration of affect, in an unusual, intense and precise way, precise in relation to space, in fine equilibrium with the world and acute disequilibrium. Awareness of the body in space and perception of other bodies in space, their suffering. Desire for the destruction of what is and for the practice of care: sustaining that dialectic. The placing of that principle in trial by fire. And commitment to truth. These are some characteristics of In Accident & Emergence. This book can be used to find out where you are.’  (William Rowe)
5.82" x 5.82" size. 60 pages. February 2015. £6.00



Burner 019  Tom Bamford – ‘Cryptozoology’
Burner Veer Publication 019 [ISBN: 978-1-907088-78-0]
‘Among animals and the physical world, rescuing their disordered aliveness away from classification and back into estranged intimacy, ‘thinking about the / stars’, Cryptozoology lives in the world. With distended and slow movement, traversed by forgetting and non-personal memories, it is listening to something which is not nature, if by nature we mean a known thing which is there to guarantee the meaning of life. On the contrary, Tom Bamford’s book is concerned with animal being, as something close to us, unknown, and necessary.’ (William Rowe)A5 Landscape size. 30 pages. April 2015. £4.00











Critical Veer 000  Esther Leslie – ‘Bouleversed Baudelairizing’
Critical Veer Publication 000 [ISBN: 978-1-907088-42-1]
In straight refusal of ideology-denial, this essay restores politics to the critique of poetry, and demonstrates the source of the radical in terror. Forceful and lucid readings of Sean Bonney and Anna Mendelssohn.
A4 size. 46 pages. November 2011. £3.00




Critical Veer 002  Danny Hayward – ‘Two essays: Best and worst in poetry/Perfect capitalism’
Critical Veer Publication 002 [ISBN: 978-1-907088-46-9]
Danny Hayward’s scalding prose responds to the strict demands of radical critique: here is the sharpness and unflinching hardness that the current crisis demands.  Along with insidious illusions of finding a way out, he destroys Zizek’s theory of fantasy and exposes the bourgeois character of ideas, as in Hazlitt, Heidegger, of self-transcendence. And he tests the knife thus forged on Keats, Kevin Davies, and Justin Katko. Read on!
A4 size. 44 pages. May 2012. £3.00







VierSomes 000  Edmund Hardy / Danny Hayward / slmendoza / Samuel Solomon
VierSomes Publication 000 [ISBN: 978-1-907088-47-6]
The first in a new series of books featuring the work of young innovative writers, 4 at a time.
Edmund Hardy, Danny Hayward, slmendoza, Samuel Solomon give 4 distinct texts that engage in different ways with poetic form and both found and political material (particularly around labour and reporting). Powerful, committed and challenging poetry.
6x9” size. 120 pages. August 2012. £8.00




VierSomes 001  Nat Raha/Rebecca Cremin/Frances Kruk/Amy Evans
VierSomes Publication 001 [ISBN: 978-1-907088-48-3]
The second in a series of books featuring the work of young innovative writers, 4 at a time. In this volume, Nat Raha, Rebecca Cremin, Frances Kruk and Amy Evans engage with high velocity form that cuts to the places of the social that don’t get talked about, to the rhythms of the now that have no truck with official versions. Edited by Ulli Freer.
6x9” size. 132 pages. August 2012. £8.00




VierSomes 002   Francesca Lisette/nick-e melville/Samantha Walton/Jeroen Nieuwlandier
VierSomes Publication 002 [ISBN: 978-1-907088-65-0]
Vital work by 4 young poets, from London, Scotland and Berlin. The third of our viersomes shows the critique of reality and the drive to redical experiment working together in exciting new poetry.
6x9” size. 142 pages. March 2014. £8.00




VierSomes 004   John Kearns/Áine Belton/Mark O'Leary/David Toms
VierSomes Publication 004 [ISBN: 978-1-907088-83-4]
The voices together in this Viersome make work for the eye and the ear, demanding an active attention and ability on the part of the reader to shift the weight of their stance and direction of their gaze in order to catch the constant movement.
A5” size. 142 pages. October 2015. £8.00





Forthcoming from Veer :–

VierSomes 003 (The Berlin Edition)
David Ashford - ORCS!!!
Nat Raha - Of Sirens - Body and Faultlines
Eleanor Perry - VENUSBERG
Doug Jones - London and Norfolk Poems
Robert Sheppard - Unfinish
Jennifer Pike Cobbing - Computer Dances

and many more to come ...


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