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043   Robert Fitterman – ‘HOLOCAUST MUSEUM’






Veer Publication 043 [ISBN: 978-1-907088-34-6]          

The powerful effect of this remarkable project is realized most acutely only after one has read dozens or hundreds of items on the lists. We begin, blearily, weakly, to be conscious of the upsetting juxtapositions. Of course the holocaust archive is loaded ipso facto with dramatic ironies, especially the prewar materials. The caption of a photo can read like a conventional imagistic poem: “A group of young people pose outdoors in the snow.” One could write whole interpretive pages--traditional poetic close reading--on that line. That, too, would be upsettingly ironic. To the extent that the holocaust encompassed everything, Holocaust Museum responds to the problem of representation by making precisely everything its object.
(Al Filreis)

5x8” size. 124 pages. October 2011. £7.00


















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