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030   Jeff Hilson – ‘In The Assarts’





Veer Publication 030 [ISBN: 978-1-907088-18-6]

“Jeff Hilson's hilarious, tragic, wobbling, witty poems mix the high seriousness of Stein, Spicer & Ceravolo with the pleasingly ridiculous Englishness of both Stevie & Mark E. Smith…Reading [them] is like encountering Buster Keaton in a codpiece staggering down the Walworth Road clutching a handful of Clifford T Ward & Krautrock albums whilst being pursued by Francis Picabia & the Sheriff of Nottingham. Hooray!  Jeff Hilson's happy project is the most exciting in contemporary British poetry.”   (Tim Atkins)

16cm2 size. 92 pages. July 2010. £6.00



Listen to an excerpt from In The Assarts
(from his launch reading at The Blue Bus in July 2010)









Here's a sample of the text:






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