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BV014   Steve Willey – ‘Elegy’






Burner Veer Publication 014 [ISBN: 978-1-907088-57-5]
An elegant if ominously black box containing 31 sheets of A4 card . The text proceeds in and out of colour through four planetary houses, two music scores and a startling variety of rearrangements, rotations, snakings, squarings-off and bleedings in which a shocked physicality intuits its limits in the experience of grief. An accompanying CD contains a performance of the first score, telling two- and multi-voiced readings from the text, and a recording of sound in outer space.
(Adrian Clarke)
A4 size. 30 pages. June 2013. £10.00

This is part of a new series of Veer Books to be produced and published jointly in the CPRC, Birkbeck College and the School of English and Languages, University of Surrey.


















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