Past students

Bruno Roubicek – Phd title: Performing Social Labour; Digging and Dwelling in the City.

ImageStill from video, Man Digs Pond at  La Comédie de Reims, Champagne-Ardenne, France. Festival Reims Scènes d’Europe, 5pm 30 Nov – 5pm 1 Dec, 2013. Full 3 minute video:

I am currently correcting my dissertation, having passed “with minor corrections” in Spring 2017. The thesis examines performances of digging in a variety of European and North American urban contexts. I ask how performances engage with the economic ‘rules of the house’ that dominate life in the city. Contrasting performance methodologies and contexts are explored on the page and in practice to ask how the “ecological emergency” (Timothy Morton) can be understood through a performance of digging that offers space for the audience’s own ecological thought.

The first three chapters explore an historical case study alongside examples of my own practice that are illuminated by the performances of others. The fourth and final chapter explores the development and thinking-through of the assessed performance at the viva voce exam. Throughout, I refer to thinkers across the disciplines of social anthropology (Ingold), economics (Keynes, Marx), philosophy (Morton, Bergson, Latour), theatre philosophy (Rancière, Artaud) and contemporary performance practice (Etchells)