• Shades of Mediocrity: On Saturday 28 September, 3pm, we hosted Shades of Mediocrity – a performance about the compromises that women make on their artistic ambitions, and about making art with your friends. Lily Levinson is tall with curly ginger hair. Maeve Campbell has dark hair and is 5’ 4” short. Maeve is a creative genius. Lily looks pretty good in a waistcoat. Sound familiar? Using the stories of Simon & Garfunkel and Campbell & Levinson, the piece talks about how the cult of genius excludes women. Shades of Mediocrity is the latest work by Good Friends For A Lifetime. It has been presented at Big Bang and Calm Down Dear at Camden People’s Theatre (March and June 2019), and FEMFEST, Theatre Deli (March 2019), and is supported by Theatre Deli. This presentation was supported by BIGS (Birkbeck Gender and Sexuality), and took place as part of Birkbeck’s One World Festival 2019.