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Departmental Research Ethics Officers (DREO)

The Departmental Research Ethics Officer should be a research active member of the academic staff of Birkbeck with at least 3 years’ post-probationary experience.

The specific responsibilities of the role are:

  • To ensure that there is a departmental procedure for the ethical approval of research projects in place and that a written record is kept of approvals and decisions.
  • To attend SEC meetings.
  • To contribute to the annual report of the SEC to the College Ethics Committee by providing information the cases considered for ethical approval in the department. This includes:
    • Number of cases considered;
    • type of research;
    • ethical issues;
    • action required (if any);
    • particular difficulties encountered;
    • any changes in departmental procedures
  • To ensure that mechanisms are in place for approval by appropriate external bodies (e.g. NHS) if relevant and to liaise with those bodies where necessary.
  • To promote awareness of ethical principles among students and staff.
  • To report to the School and/or College Ethics Committees any training or development needs related to ethical issues and approval procedures.


School of Arts2015-16 Research Ethics Officers
Cultures and Languages
English and Humanities
History of Art
Film, Media and Cultural Studies
School of Business, Economics and Informatics2015-16 Research Ethics Officers
Computer Science and Information Systems Professor Michael Zakharyaschev
Economics, Maths and Statistics Professor Ron Smith
Management Dr Marion Frenz
Organisational Psychology Dr George Michaelides
School of Science2015-16 Research Ethics Officers
Biological Sciences Dr Richard Hayward
Earth and Planetary Sciences Professor Charlie Bristow
Psychological Sciences Dr Emily Jones
School of Social Sciences, History and Philosophy2015-16 Research Ethics Officers
Applied Linguistics and Communication Professor Marjorie Lorch
Geography, Environment and Development Studies Dr Richard Baxter (Until January 2016) Dr Penny Vera-Sanso (From January 2016)
History, Classics and Archaeology Dr Carl Bjerstrom
Politics Dr Matthijs Van Den Bos
Psychosocial Studies Dr Silvia Posocco
Law (External Member) Professor Michelle Everson