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Teaching and Quality Enhancement Committee Membership

Scheme of Membership

Members 2017-18

Pro-Vice Master (Learning and Teaching) [Chair]

Professor Diane Houston

Pro-Vice Master (Access and Community Engagement)

Dr Roz Dixon - on sabbatical for 2017/18

Academic Registrar

Fraser Keir

Director of Library Services

Robert Atkinson

Chair, College Programmes Committee

Dr Jim Pitts

Chairs, College Boards of Examiners

Dr Dionyssis Dimitrakopoulos
Dr Jim Pitts
Dr Martin Shipway
Dr Anita Walsh

The Assistant Dean (Learning & Teaching)
for each School or Chair of the School
Teaching and Quality Enhancement
Committee as nominated by the Executive Dean of that
(Law) Dr Oscar Guardiola-Rivera
(Arts) Dr Joanne Leal & Dr Scott Rodgers
(BEI) Dr Anita Walsh
(Science) Dr Richard Rayne
(SSHP) Dr Dermot Hodson
Student Union Representatives (2) Nicholas Baker
Rabbi Eliyahu Goldsobel



Scheme of MembershipIn Attendance

A representative of the Estates and Facilities – Department

Jeremy Tanner

A representative of Information Technology Services

Nigel Buckle

Head of Learning & Organisational Development

Neil O’Connor

Director, Centre for Transformative Practice in Learning and Teaching


A representative of the School Managers

Rabinder Bery

A representative of the Assistant School Managers

Lorna Bowden

Head of Academic Services

Scott Miller

Deputy College Secretary (Governance)

Katharine Bock


Scheme of MembershipSecretary
Academic Standards and Quality Manager TBC
Registry Officer (Minutes Secretary) Sandra Bekvalac


In order to be quorate there must be at least six members present.