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College Health and Safety Committee

Terms of Reference 2016-17

 1         To have oversight of the establishment and maintenance of a recognised health and safety management reporting standard (e.g. OHSAS BS 18001) and monitoring systems, including regular risk analysis.

 2         To recommend to the Finance and General Purposes Committee for Governors’ approval the College’s Health and Safety Strategy and Policy, and any related subsidiary policies and organisational arrangements that address good practice and management principles.

 3         To monitor the implementation of key Policies and Organisational Arrangements, and any relevant recommendations arising from sector specific and other initiatives through management information and reporting (Annual Report and regular KPI reports)

 4         To report to the Finance and General Purposes Committee on all arrangements related to the health and safety of the College’s staff, students and others affected by its undertaking;

 5         Where necessary to assist the Officers of the Committee in the recommendation, development and introduction of preventive and remedial measures, including recommending the establishment of working groups or sub-committees to follow up specific business.

 6         To monitor the work of the School Health and Safety Committees through the receipt of minutes of meetings and/or an executive summary highlighting key issues.

 7         To ensure that appropriate consultation and training on health and safety happens throughout the College and that communication of relevant information and arrangements to all stakeholders involved is undertaken in an appropriate and timely fashion.

 8         To encourage an awareness of health and safety matters by College staff at all levels and to promote co-operation between staff and managers with the aim of achieving and maintaining a safe and healthy working environment.



 1         Minutes of the College Health and Safety Committee, once approved, will be posted on the College’s Committee Minutes intranet website.

 2         An Annual report highlighting key issues will be presented to the Finance and General Purposes Committee and the Governors.

 3         The College Health and Safety Committee will receive minutes from its sub-committees and School Health and Safety Committees.

 4         Where there is business relevant to the work of the committee undertaken in other committees, for example the Equality Committee or the Human Resources Committee, a summary of such discussions shall be presented to the College Health and Safety Committee.


 Standing Orders

 1         The dates of the meetings shall be pre-arranged as part of the College’s Committee calendar.

 2         The agenda and supporting papers shall be circulated by email ten days before the meeting date.


 Frequency of Meetings

 The Committee will meet three times each year. The Chair may call additional meetings as necessary.



 The Committee may establish sub-committees as required.

Approved by F&GPC March 2017