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F&GPC Membership

Terms of ReferenceMember 2017-18

The Master

Professor David Latchman

The Vice-Master

Professor Matthew Innes

The Chair of Governors

Sir Harvey McGrath

Two Academic staff Governors

Dr Eddie Bruce-Jones

Dr Joanne Leal

Non Teaching Staff Governor

Miss Rose Devaney

Student Governor TBC

Six Independent Members:

Mr Hugh Ferrand (Chair)
Mr Peter Zinkin
Mr Robert Allison
Mrs Gillian Broadley
Mr Rob McWilliam
1 Vacant Position

Quorum: Four, including at least two independent members.

Terms of MembershipIn Attendance

College Secretary and Clerk to the Governors

Keith Harrison

Director of Finance

Keith Willett

Director of Human Resources

Ms Charlotte Croffie

Academic Registrar

Fraser Keir

Deputy Secretary (Operations)

Megan Reeves

Deputy Secretary (Governance)

Katharine Bock

Committee Secretary TBC