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ABExCo Terms of Reference 2014-15

  1. To act as a steering and executive group for the Academic Board and to be responsible for the general management of the business of the Board, to allow it to fulfil its responsibility for overseeing the academic work of the College;
  2. To advise the Strategic Planning Committee on academic matters arising from School and College level planning processes; and to take into account the advice of the Strategic Planning Committee in relation to the College’s strategic priorities;
  3. To act as the College-level co-ordinating point for discussion of matters of academic strategy, regulation and policy and to deal with all academic matters of a routine nature which do not raise issues of policy, subject to report to the Academic Board;
  4. To consider Reports made to the Academic Board by its academic Committees1 and the College Boards of Examiners; and to advise the Board accordingly;
  5. To advise the Academic Board on academic support service policy, including for Library and IT provision;
  6. To receive an annual report from the Fees, Bursaries and Scholarships Sub-Committee and to maintain an overview of the disbursement of scholarships and other student financial support;
  7. To act on behalf of the Academic Board on all other matters delegated to it, decisions on such matters being deemed to be decisions of the Academic Board and implemented as such, subject to report.

1 The Committees of the Academic Board (the academic Committees) are currently the Teaching and Quality Enhancement Committee, the Research Committee, the Student Engagement & Widening Participation Committee.