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Academic Board Executive Committee Membership 2017-18

Scheme of membershipMembers 2017-18
The Master Professor David Latchman
The Vice-Master Professor Matthew Innes
The Pro-Vice-Masters

Professor Julian Swann (Research)
Professor Kevin Ibeh (International Links)
Professor Diane Houston (Education) 
Professor Philip Powell (Enterprise & Innovation)

Dr Roz Dixon (Access & Community Engagement) - On Sabbatical for 2017/18

The Executive Deans Professor Anthony Bale (Arts)
Professor Nicholas Keep (Science)
Professor Philip Powell (Business, Economics and Informatics)
Professor Stewart Motha (Law)
Professor Matthew Davies (Social Science, History and Philosophy)
The two Governors representing
the Academic Board

Dr Jennifer Baird
Professor Alison Finlay

Two Governors representing the Academic Staff (other than Professors or Readers)

Dr Joanne Leal
Dr Eddie Bruce-Jones

The College Dean Dr Kate Mackenzie-Davey
Two students nominated annually by the Students' Union Council Mr Nicholas Baker
Rabbi Eliyahu Goldsobel


The following shall be invited to attend as required

The Director of Library Services

Mr Robert Atkinson
The Director of IT Services Mr James Smith
The Chairs of the College Boards of Examiners Dr Martin Shipway
Dr Anita Walsh
Dr Dionyssis Dimitrakopoulos
Dr Jim Pitts
The Head of the Birbeck Graduate Research School Mr Tim Hoe
The Director of External Relations Ms Lynn Grimes (interim)


In attendance 2017-18
The Academic Registrar Mr Fraser Keir
The College Secretary and Clerk to the Governors Mr Keith Harrison
The Deputy College Secretary (Governance) Mrs Katharine Bock
The Deputy College Secretary (Operations) Ms Megan Reeves
The Director of Finance Mr Keith Willett
The Director of Human Resources Ms Charlotte Croffie