Update on the Centre for New Zealand Studies

The University of London, Birkbeck and the New Zealand High Commission are in the process of reviewing the activities of, and funding options for, the Centre for New Zealand Studies.

All partners are currently drawing together a small group of senior academics involved in New Zealand Studies to advise on the best way forward. Depending on their current commitments, we hope to have reached some conclusions about the ongoing nature of New Zealand Studies by the end of December.

The resources donated to the Centre by the New Zealand Government, and other private individuals, will remain accessible in the Centre’s current premises, under the care of the University of London. Access can be made by contacting Fiona Bernardone in the Vice-Chancellor’s office (020 7862 8006 or fiona.bernardone@london.ac.uk).

Birkbeck has been working closely with the PhD students linked to the Centre to ensure that their studies are not interrupted by the review process. Discussions are taking place with potential new supervisors who would be willing to oversee these students.

Birkbeck continues to liaise with the New Zealand High Commission. Both parties are concerned that the work initiated in the Centre is built upon to the benefit of the New Zealand Studies community.