CIMR staff are engaged in research-led teaching to undergraduates, postgraduates and professionals

Undergraduate Modules


Business Innovation

Business Innovation including E-Business, Entrepreneurship and International Technology (MSc/MRes)

MSc Business Innovation including E-Business, Entrepreneurship and International Technology. These programmes are designed for graduates who wish to develop a thorough understanding of the importance of innovation for rethinking management, business strategy, corporate assets, intellectual property rights, institutions, organisations, firms, entrepreneurship, and globalisation in a changing world.


MSc Bio-Business (MSc)

Jointly delivered with the School of Science, MSc Bio-Business provides an overview of the life sciences sector, supported and complemented by business, entrepreneurial and applied modules. The structure of the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries is explored in the context of regulation and public perception, to highlight issues of risk, regulation and socioeconomic benefits stemming from technology and material developments. The course features specialist professionals presenting on key areas, such as communications, pharmaceuticals and business development.

Enterprise Pathways

If you are starting a business, or have an idea you would like to get off the ground, there is plenty of support available through the Enterprise Pathways programme. Events and activities are available for all students across all levels of study. Students will develop their entrepreneurial skills, enhancing their employability opportunities and advancing their careers.

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