The First Wave of the Coronavirus Disease Pandemic 2020. Impact on NHS England PET-CT Scanning and Lessons Learnt

Birkbeck University together with University College London and a researcher from the South Western University of Finance and Economics in China have collaborated with NHS England to collect and analyse diagnostic PET-CT [Positron Emission Tomography-CT] imaging data pertaining to 90% of all diagnostic PET-CT scans undertaken in England during the first wave of the Coronavirus disease pandemic.

Greenwashing in ESG disclosure: An empirical study on global large-cap companies

This report by Dr Ellen Yu draws on an empirical global study of more than 1,900 large-cap companies which looks at the possible mechanisms that could deter large companies from engaging in ESG greenwashing. The findings show that firms exposed to greater scrutiny are less likely to engage in ESG greenwashing and suggest that ownership and governance factors are essential in dissuading firms’ ESG greenwashing behavior.

Creating the Entrepreneurial University

Developed in conjunction with the OECD Local Economic and Employment Development Programme, HEInnovate is an initiative of the European Commission’s DG Education and Culture, designed specifically for use within HEIs. In this short blog, Prof. Colette Henry describes its objectives.