Max Your Employability – Starts Hub Needs You!

  • Want to work directly with leading figures in entrepreneurial London?
  • Want to get noticed for putting together signature events?
  • Want to have real credentials by the time you finish your studies?

Then, join us on October 15 at 5:15 in the Keynes Library for the launch of Starts Hub

You can take on a leadership role in Starts Hub, the student-led forum bringing the hottest entrepreneurial people+ideas into Birkbeck.

You will play a key role in shaping what happens right from the outset. You will get hands on experience of Board Membership. You will be taking key decisions, and learning how to bring others with you. You will learn the fine arts of influence and persuasion vital in a entrepreneurial career.

Reporting to Ning Baines, the Starts Hub President, and supported by the Andrew Atter, the Entrepreneur-In-Residence, you have an opportunity to take on one of several key roles, and help create something entirely new:

  • Executive Director: Responsible for strategic planning and execution of the Starts Hub annual plan
  • Membership Director: Accountable for building a strong membership base amongst students and alumni, and ensuring members get the services they need
  • Events Director: Making sure it “all right on the night”, and that workshops and forums are delivered to world class standards
  • Marketing and Publicity Director: Make Starts Hub a stand out and noticeable feature of entrepreneurial London, attracting students and the generally curious to our events from  across the city
  • Sponsorship Director: A hard commercial role, designed to generate hard cash from big companies. Great for “kill and eat” types!

Subject to great performance and commitment, all the above roles will be provided with a reference from Prof. Lawton Smith. The roles are voluntary unpaid positions. However, you may participate in a team profit sharing plan if Starts Hub meets its revenue and cost targets

Interested, come to the launch event on October 15, 5:15 in the Keynes Library, or come to the “Drop in” session, October 16 2-4 PM, Room 201, Clore Building

Or, send an email to, telling us specifically why you will be absolutely fabulous…

Book your place at the launch even now!

Ning Baines, President, Starts Hub
Andrew Atter, Entrepreneur-In-Residence