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Dreaming to Change the World: The Films of the Victor Jara Collective

Join us for a screening of The Terror and the Time (1978) and In the Sky’s Wild Noise (1983), two movies from Guyana’s Victor Jara Collective. Guyana’s Victor Jara Collective may have produced just two films, yet as an example… Continue Reading →

Black History Month 2019: The African Presence in Spain from the 16th to the 18th Centuries – Carmen Fracchia

On the 8th of October Dr Carmen Fracchia will be giving a lecture titled “The African Presence in Spain from the 16th to the 18th Centuries” as part of Black History Month 2019. You can find the event description here,… Continue Reading →

Book launch: ‘Black but Human’: Slavery and Visual Arts in Hapsburg Spain, 1480-1700 by Carmen Fracchia

Carmen Fracchia has recently published her new book ‘Black but Human’: Slavery and Visual Arts in Hapsburg Spain, 1480-1700. It is the first book about the visual representations of African slaves and ex-slaves in Spain during the Hapsburg dynasty, when… Continue Reading →

Fifth Manuel Vazquez Montalban International Conference: Diagnosing the present: literary interventions on globalization and neoliberalism

Spanish writer Manuel Vázquez Montalbán’s thought was always characterized by his political insights on current affairs, which permeated all genres and aspects of his writing. This political dimension has been mostly studied in relation to the Spanish, Catalan and Barcelona… Continue Reading →

From Japan to Spain and Latin America. Alternative Cinematic Experiences

Participants in this session explore the transnational dimension of Japanese cinema in relation to Latin America, Africa and Europe. Challenging deeply entrenched ideas about the uniqueness of Japanese culture, they highlight the exposure of its filmmakers to international flows of… Continue Reading →

Culture Bites: Beginning of a Critique of the Catastrophe of Spanish among the Modern Languages in Brexit Britain, a talk by Fernando G. Herrero

Culture is probably the most used and abused term in the humanities and/or liberal arts in the last two-to-three decades. Bites: to take hold, sometimes with the teeth & to come to grips, to take effect sometimes with unpleasant consequences…. Continue Reading →

Professor Luciana Martins’ Inaugural Lecture: “Drawing together: the visual archive of travel in Latin America”

How can we explore the visual archive of travel to recover traces of cross-cultural exchanges and encounters in Latin America? What place does the act of visual documentation have in the culture of scientific observation and collection in the field?… Continue Reading →


In this workshop we will discuss the social, political, cultural, as well as the capital-logics of contemporary narco-capitalism and its mobile territories (from the land in which drugs are cultivated, to the virtual world of laundering and finance in which… Continue Reading →

CILAVS Seminar Series talk: Death, Afterlife and the Question of Autobiography (Biutiful, 2010), by Prof. Cristina Moreiras, U. of Michigan, Ann Arbor

The book The Inoperative Community by Jean-Luc Nancy opens with this statement, which registers the exhaustion of thinking through History as one of the tragedies of our times.  I will approach this exhaustion in regard to a Spanish film that… Continue Reading →

The Short Films of Helena Solberg

Brazilian director Helena Solberg’s earlier films are contemporaneous with Brazilian Cinema Novo but her work remains uncharted to most audiences. Following her recent retrospective in São Paulo, the aim of this event is to bring into view Solberg’s earlier films, such as, The… Continue Reading →

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