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Champions get into gear with Business World

The Champions are a Birkbeck-wide group of staff volunteers who have joined forces with the Business World project team in order to support and spread the word about the new integrated system which is being implemented and rolled out over the coming months.

The inaugural meeting of the Champions took place just before the Easter break. It was an opportunity for the project team to introduce themselves to a wider Birkbeck community and to begin to share some of the aims and objectives for BusinessWorld@Birkbeck. During the session Champions were given an overview of the ‘whats’ and ‘whys’ of Business World including:

  • the benefits we will all gain from its introduction
  • what is changing and when these changes will be effective from
  • what we will do differently
  • when and what training will be available and how we intend to go about providing all this.

View the slides from the meeting.

We also talked about the role of the Champions and there was ample opportunity for questions. As a Champion, colleagues will be getting early sight of the new system in order to provide feedback that could influence future development. They will also receive training and familiarisation in order that they might assist the project team in the provision of user support for go-live. The intention is that all staff should have someone local to ‘call on’ for basic support and understanding.

The implementation of the new system will have a positive and transformative impact on the way we all work and the project team cannot succeed in isolation. If you are interested and want to have your say, or get involved please join your colleagues. Contact us through the project email

Published: 09 May 2017