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Ray Jones

Web Design Technologies (Certificate of Higher Education)

'I was incarcerated when I found out about Birkbeck. I saw the course in the prospectus and gave the college a call and arranged an appointment to come down to meet the course co-ordinator. She advised me about the course but also put me on to the student finance office at Birkbeck who sorted out all my funding for me. Obviously I wasn’t working and without this support I wouldn’t have been able to do the course. Finance paid my fees and then it was up to me to turn up and do the rest.  It was an easy process and it was great not to have to worry about that side of things. It really motivated me to do well.

'When I came for the initial interview I felt quite daunted about being back in a class room and studying again. Although I had been to college, I felt that university was another step for me.  I wasn’t very academic when I was younger so I looked upon this as a real challenge. However I knew that Birkbeck has a great reputation and once I got in I was very happy to feel part of Birkbeck. When I started the course I wanted to learn how to create my own websites and I have achieved this. I have also set up a recording label and a YouTube channel and am currently constructing a social network for talented young sports people. I have been very busy and Birkbeck was the starting point for me.

'I do have ambitions to study further. I’ve learnt all the necessary steps from Birkbeck to go and accomplish my goals – it’s given me so much satisfaction. I would like to learn more about music management and film production and I may choose to go back in to education. I wouldn’t have considered this without Birkbeck - it’s given me the confidence to think that I would like to study further. Coming to Birkbeck was the first step on the ladder and has allowed me to keep on climbing! I just see things going forward and the only thing that can stop me is myself! I’ve got the confidence and the drive to do it - the opportunity to come to university with my background was just fantastic for me.  The opportunity has allowed me to change and I now have different objectives. I enjoy encouraging youngsters to use their talents and doing the course with Birkbeck has given me what I need to promote this. It is such positive work and I really enjoy showing them another way and how to take those opportunities. It’s really motivating but I’ve got more to do and Birkbeck helped push me in the right direction. 

'The timings of the course were quite flexible and I was able to get a temporary licence for release for evenings and weekend modules.  I really liked being able to study part-time - I could choose when and how I studied and I really appreciated that flexibility.  My tutor was incredibly supportive and recognised my difficult circumstances – I really can’t praise him highly enough. He helped me so much and I was able to contact him whenever I needed to. In fact I am still in contact with him even though the course is finished. I found it very difficult the first time I needed to write an essay but again the tutor was very supportive and allowed for my circumstances. I also had a brilliant group of people on my course and we talked and shared a lot. We became friends and I’m still in touch with a lot of them.  Everyone was very committed to their studies because you don’t take on part-time study unless you really want to.

'I came to Birkbeck and felt intimidated just by the building. But I went in the door, signed up, got my finances sorted, went to the lectures, did my modules and now I have a certificate in my hand. I feel such a sense of achievement now I’ve finished.

'The computer facilities at Birkbeck are great and I used the computer rooms a lot. This is the best education that I’ve ever had and I really had the support that I needed.  Everything I needed to complete the course was provided.

'It’s great for me to be able to say that I have a qualification from the University of London.  I am redirecting myself at the moment but it’s a means to an end and I’ll finish where I want to be. Many people are intimidated by university and so they walk away but if I can do it coming from where I come from then anyone can. The more I do, the more ideas I get – coming to Birkbeck is such a positive experience and it opens doors. My study at Birkbeck has enabled me to achieve my dreams.'

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'Coming to Birkbeck is such a positive experience and it opens doors.'