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Moorad Choudhry

PhD Management

Moorad Choudhry, Head of Treasury at Europe Arab Bank, has worked in the City of London for 21 years, so understandably has strong views on the direction the sector is taking.

'Free-market capitalism is still the best economic system there is, but the need for firm regulatory supervision remains.'

Moorad started his career in the City in 1989, after completing his undergraduate study at the University of Westminster and an MA at the University of Reading. His first taste of part-time study was an MBA from Henley Business School, before he completed a PhD at Birkbeck in 2008. Unsurprisingly, he remembers it as a busy time: 'The commitment required for a PhD is particularly hard when working full-time so I had to complete the work in stages. After a long gap, you have to re-acquaint yourself with the work already done, so it was quite onerous and took a while. Birkbeck was, and remains, just about the only university that offered evening supervision to do a PhD and my supervisor, Professor Christine Oughton (now of SOAS), was absolutely brilliant - a fantastic, clever, robustly analytical person, and a great support.'

On a day-to-day basis, Moorad manages 13 staff and is responsible for managing the balance of his firm’s assets and liabilities, as well as finding profits through deals with other banks in the inter-bank lending market. He sees his PhD as beneficial to his career. 'The work of practitioners and academics rarely crosses over in finance and banking but my analytical and research skills were greatly improved by my studies. My reasoning became more robust, and that does help in the job.'

Already widely published, Moorad has just completed a book entitled The Future of Finance, published by John Wiley & Sons and is working on The Principles of Banking, a textbook aimed at senior bank management and regulatory authorities. His involvement in academia continues too - Moorad is a visiting professor at London Metropolitan University, a visiting research fellow at the International Capital Market Association (ICMA) Centre, University of Reading, as well as an occasional visiting lecturer at Birkbeck’s Department of Management. Looking to the future, Moorad’s personal ambitions include 'getting to the board level of a bank' and 'staying involved with Birkbeck as one of its alumni'.

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'My supervisor was absolutely brilliant.'