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Maram Naffouj

MSc Accounting

Maram Naffouj was looking for a Master’s degree in accounting and thought that the modules that Birkbeck offered looked interesting. She says: 'The College’s reputation was very important to me when deciding to apply. I didn’t just want any Master’s degree. I wanted a qualification that would be recognised world-wide, which was why I decided to apply to Birkbeck.'

She describes the year she spent studying for the Master’s as “a very good year', saying: 'The teachers at Birkbeck were the best. They were really understanding of the fact that international students need to get used to a new education system and are studying in our second language. They were very approachable and always there to support us.

'The programme was designed so that it got progressively harder, and we weren’t left floundering at the start of the course while we were still trying to adjust to life in London and a new system. At the same time, the tutors always challenged us and made us think critically. We did a lot of work in teams as well, so we benefitted from the other students’ knowledge and experiences.

'I’m still in touch with most of the other students on the course. Most of the full-time students were also international students and it was very enriching to have students from China, Mongolia, Greece and Portugal on the course.'

'Living in London is really exciting. It’s a multicultural city and you meet people from many different backgrounds. I’m so grateful that I’ve had the opportunity to study and live in London.'

'The opportunity to live abroad and be independent was a key motivating factor in deciding to apply to Birkbeck. I also knew that my career as an auditor would get a real boost from having an MSc from a top university. I’m planning to study for a Chartered Accounting qualification, and my MSc has already meant that I qualify for some exemptions in that.

'From the beginning this experience has helped to improve my confidence.  My family were very impressed and I kept them updated throughout the course with exams and assignments. They were very proud that I was able to get into the programme and manage it from beginning to end and get a distinction. Now they are encouraging me to do a PhD.

'I would definitely recommend Birkbeck to my friends from Syria – it’s a great place to study. The knowledge that you gain is fantastic, but also because of the friendly, supportive atmosphere for international students. They really make you feel at home at Birkbeck.'

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'I would definitely recommend Birkbeck to my friends from Syria – it’s a great place to study. The knowledge that you gain is fantastic.'