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Linjie Li

MSc International Business and Development

Linjie Li is enthusiastic about her decision to travel nearly 6,000 miles from her home in China to  study at Birkbeck, University of London. She is enjoying her full-time one-year Master’s course and is already planning to continue her studies at Birkbeck at PhD level. Linjie loves London and likes exploring its culture and heritage, as well as eating traditional Chinese food in Chinatown.

Linjie first heard about Birkbeck because of an exciting international partnership between Birkbeck and her Chinese alma mater – the Southwestern University of Finance and Economics (SWUFE) in Chengdu, Sichuan Province. She graduated with a BA in International Trade from SWUFE in 2011 – the same year that Birkbeck and SWUFE established a collaboration, which includes staff exchanges and a dual degree taught at both SWUFE and Birkbeck.

While working as an administrator at SWUFE after her degree, Linjie met Birkbeck’s professors when they were visiting SWUFE. She was impressed by Birkbeck’s reputation, applied for an MSc in International Business and Development, and was accepted. She started her studies in London in October 2012. Linjie said: 'The most important reason I chose Birkbeck was because of its professional standing. The main reason to go abroad to study is to gain research capabilities, and I am certainly gaining the skills and knowledge I need at Birkbeck. I really want to be a PhD student, so it is a really big chance for me.'

Linjie also explained how the lecturers at Birkbeck have helped her adapt to the British education system. She said: 'At Birkbeck I am more encouraged to think critically. The staff at Birkbeck are really friendly and professional, and they answer all my questions. Birkbeck is such a unique university because the classmates have such work experience. There is a real opportunity to learn from busy Londoners as so many students are combining work and study.'

Linjie also enjoys living in London. She said: 'I like London because of its history and culture. It is a fantastic city, and I get the opportunity to enjoy the language, architecture and heritage. I live near to Hyde Park in University of London accommodation called Lillian Penson Hall. In China it is impossible to find such a large park in the centre of the city.' I am so lucky that Birkbeck is near Chinatown in London. I buy ingredients from there and go there to eat traditional Chinese food. I feel very happy.'

Linjie’s dissertation focuses on the impact of outward foreign direct investment upon domestic productivity in China. She is analysing data from Chinese firms working in various industries, including automotives, textiles and telecommunications, and is interviewing staff from their subsidiary companies in Britain as part of her research. Linjie has been so inspired by her studies at Birkbeck that she would like to pursue a career in academia. She said: 'I will go back to China and be a professor.'

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'I am certainly gaining the skills and knowledge I need at Birkbeck.'