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Maram Naffouj

MSc Accounting

'I would definitely recommend Birkbeck to my friends from Syria – it’s a great place to study. The knowledge that you gain is fantastic.'

Linjie Li

MSc International Business and Development

'I am certainly gaining the skills and knowledge I need at Birkbeck.'

Zhaohong Lin

PhD Human Resource Management

'I chose to study in the UK because the Birkbeck College stood out above the rest.'

Cemal Erksun

MSc Sports Management and the Business of Football

'The tutors are experts in their fields.'

Moffat Chawala

MSc Marketing (FT)

'The content of the programme is very relevant.'

Wei Wei Tian-Page

MSc Organizational Behaviour

'My job opportunity came up through a referral from the network that I was able to form at Birkbeck.'

Moorad Choudhry

PhD Management

'My supervisor was absolutely brilliant.'

Sean Connaughton

BA Management

'Because of the genuine support lecturers provide in times of need I would definitely recommend Birkbeck.'

Nabhassorn Baines

MSc E-Business and Innovation

'Birkbeck is so encouraging, and my classmates were very helpful.'

Awaji Ofiaja

BA Management

'I met so many people from many different backgrounds.'

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