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Chinese students visit Birkbeck and strengthen international partnership

A group of 30 Chinese PhD students took part in a discussion about China’s superpower status and international business when they were welcomed to Birkbeck. The students participated in a question and answer session about economics and finance led by Professor Xiaming Liu and Dr Fred Guy, of Birkbeck’s Department of Management.

This is the second year Birkbeck has hosted a group of students from the Southwestern University of Finance and Economics (SWUFE) in Chengdu, China, as part of the collaboration between both institutions.

The partnership between Birkbeck and SWUFE has recently been bolstered with the expansion of an agreement which allows SWUFE students to complete their Bachelor’s or Master’s degrees at Birkbeck.

The Chinese students are part of the Doctor of International Business Administration (DIBA) programme at SWUFE.  The DIBA students study on a two-year part time training course in China alongside their jobs in business or local government.

Birkbeck staff visit SWUFE to teach on the DIBA course and over the summer a group of Birkbeck undergraduate students visited SWUFE to attend a Summer School programme.

Xiaolan Li, the personal tutor and head of the delegation from SWUFE, said: “It was very refreshing to experience the learning environment at Birkbeck, University of London. This visit enabled the students to have a more profound understanding of European cultures and current social and economic status, helping them to conduct research and develop international businesses between Europe and China.”

The Chinese students were welcomed to Birkbeck on 7 October by Professor Liu, Dr Guy and Matthew Dean, of Birkbeck’s International Office.