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BEI Films - Training and Information films

Applying for a visa

La Young Jackson explains the Tier 5 visa application process for International students wishing to study in the UK.

Parkinson's Disease Diagnostic

One of 18 short films produced for the Computer Science department at Birkbeck and the UCL institute of Neurology to assist in the development of a diagnostic app for Parkinson's disease. September 2015 (1 minute)

Graphing Functions

One of 4 long maths tutorial films produced with Eva Szatmari for students on the microeconomics for business module. September 2015 (1 hour 8 minutes)

Maths Support for Students

Eva Szatmari, Maths Learning coordinator, talks about maths support for students in the School of Business, Economics and Informatics, September 2013 (12 minutes)

Cert HE Maths

Dr Gary Retallick works through an example of a quadratic equation, August 2013 (7 minutes)

Learning Support in the School of BEI

Richard Carabine, the School's learning support officer talks about the learning support available for students (7 minutes)