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BEI Films - Mini Tutorials

Introduction to Blackboard Collaborate

15 minute introduction to Collaborate - for staff wishing to record their lectures and presentations or run interactive sessions with students online. The film covers:

  • Setting up a Collaborate session in Moodle
  • The guest link
  • Uploading PowerPoint files
  • Setting up audio
  • Setting up video
  • Switching between the whiteboard and application sharing
  • Recording a session


Moodle mini tutorials

Introduction to Moodle

Overview of the main features of a Moodle module, including: logging in, main menu items, navigation, finding courses, the layout of a module and using thejump-to menu.

Moodle Training Video 02 - Starting to customise a Moodle module

Setting up a new module, overview of a new blank module, adding new topic sections, editing the general summary, moving, deleting and hiding content.

Moodle Training video 03 - Uploading files to Moodle

Covering the two main methods for uploading files into Moodle - the traditional, file-picker method and the drag-and-drop method.

Moodle Training Video 04 - Setting up a Turnitin assignment

Including: setting the submission type, adjusting the report generation speed, setting the start date, due date and post date.

Moodle Training Video 05 - On-line marking in Grademark

Accessing submitted assignments, the originality report, adding comments and adding marks to Turnitin assignments online.

Moodle Training Video 06 - Resources and Activities

An overview of the main resources and activities that can be set up in a module, including: books, files, folders, labels, pages, subpages, chats and discussion forums.

Moodle Training Video 07 - Groups and Groupings

How to set up Groups and Groupings in Moodle. Making content available to specific members of a module.

Moodle Training Video 08 - Announcements, News and Communications

Using the News Forum in Moodle to post announcements, sending messages to Groups within a module, Sending messages to individuals using the Participants list, using Discussion Forums to send messages and editing personal messaging preferences.

Moodle Training Video 09 - Forums

Different types of discussion forums, configuring forums to be used by selected groups and groupings.

Moodle Training Video 10 - Personal Message Settings

Customising the message settings in Moodle, including how to opt-out of receiving emails from discussion forums.

Moodle Training Video 11 - Moodle assignment types

How to set up the 4 types of Moodle assignments: online text, upload a single file, advanced uploading of files and offline activity.

Moodle Training Video 12 - Marking Moodle assignments and Gradebook

Marking Moodle assignments and an overview of Gradebook or Grader report.

Moodle Training Video 13 - Importing from another module

How to import some or all content from another module using the import and backup functions.

SITS mini tutorial 01

Giving students access to modules

BLE mini tutorial 01

Sorting Posts

BLE mini tutorial 02

Student Guide - Introduction to the BLE

BLE mini tutorial 03

Student Guide - conferencing

BLE mini tutorial 04

Student Guide - accessing resources

BLE mini tutorial 05

Student Guide - Appendix A: Changing Views

BLE mini tutorial 06

Student Guide - Appendix B: Collating and Printing Discussions

BLE mini tutorial 07

Student Guide - Appendix C: Modifying Your List of Courses

BLE mini tutorial 08

Student Guide - Appendix D: Opening the elibrary Links

BLE Staff tutorial 01

Setting up Groups

BLE Staff tutorial 02

Setting up Discussion Forums