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Public Speaking with Confidence

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We all have to present in public at some point in our career; be it a presentation for a study project, a key part of an interview process, a nerve-wracking business pitch, or an event speech; public speaking continues to crop up. 

It's the same for those of us continuing to work remotely with online meetings, presentations and conferences. 

We've all experienced the sweaty palms, shaky hands and mind-gone-blank moments. But public speaking could become a skill that you enjoy executing - and it's a skill that can certainly be learned.


This session will take you through some simple steps when preparing for and delivering a presentation to boost your confidence and make sure you nail your next one.

We’ll look at what makes a good, brilliant, bad and forgettable presentation. Often there’s not much time to impress your audience yet there’s so much to say, so how do you prepare effectively and ensure you deliver a memorable presentation for the right reasons?


We'll cover:

  • The key elements that make a great presentation
  • The do’s and don’ts when it comes to public speaking
  • Engaging your audience – getting noticed
  • Communicating confidence – even if you’re not
  • Nailing your presentation

We'll also aim to get some practice in during this hands-on virtual session! 

Book your place to develop your presenting skills and start enhancing your public speaking - an invaluable skill for every individual at every stage of your career.


This is a online event - the link to join the session will be sent at least one day in advance. 

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