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Business Week 2013

Our theme for Business Week 2013 was Sustainable Working Life and Well-Being which encompassed the research in all four departments of the School.

In the Business Week lecture series, we explored the concept of “information overload” and how it affects individual performance, as well as reviewing the technologist’s dilemma at a macro level. We examined the legacy of the recession, the impact on our mental health and why the affluence of the western world does not appear to correlate with increased levels of personal happiness. Can we learn from recent mistakes and create a more balanced approach for our economy and our society?


Workplace change is probably the only element of working life that can be guaranteed at present but with constant change comes the need to increase engagement and resilience. What are best practices in employee engagement and how can we successfully drive change through complex businesses but satisfy the need to remain competitive?

Our academics and keynote speakers provided some responses to these dilemmas as well as posing other thought-provoking questions.

Alongside this event, the School launched its Centre for Sustainable Working Life and had a range of experts and practitioners in the well-being field present during Business Week to add a pragmatic and entertaining element to the week.

Philip Powell

Pro Vice-Master (Enterprise and Innovation) and

Executive Dean,

School of Business, Economics and Informatics