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Seminar III: Bullying, Difference & Desire

Wednesday 28 March 2012, 10am-5pm
28 Russell Square - Rooms 102 & 103
Birkbeck University of London

This seminar tackles the production of difference and how desire might produce processes of inclusion and exclusion. This discussion is fundamental to a theoretically integrated understanding of bullying and conflict at work. Speakers will address issues of gender, homophobia, and burn-out. What is suffering and what is enjoyment? Can pleasure become sufferance? (It is of course a fantasy that we can give the Other what s/he lacks.)

Speakers include:
Prof Stijn Vanheule (Ghent, Belgium)
Prof Suzy Fox (Loyola, Chicago)
Dr Noreen Tehrani (UK)
Prof Ian Rivers (Brunel, UK)

Some financial assistance is available for PhD students researching in the field.

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Introduction by Dr Andreas Liefooghe
Talk 1 - Professor Ian Rivers
Talk 2 - Andy Harvey
Talk 3 - Professor Suzy Fox
Talk 4 - Dr Noreen Tehrani
Talk 5 - Professor Stijn Vanheule