Workshop: Handling Media Interviews

Do you have staff who:

  • may be asked to be your organisation’s spokesperson in a media interview, whether print or broadcast, national media or trade press?
  • might be approached by the media in the event of a major incident and expected to comment?
  • are involved in trying to gain media attention for your company or organisation?


  • This workshop aims to:
    • enable delegates to better understand print and broadcast media
    • give delegates the tools to prepare and effectively deliver key messages
    • train delegates on how to handle journalists in a variety of interview situations and act as spokespeople.


  • In preparation for a workshop delegates are asked to provide two subjects on which they feel competent to be interviewed. These should be real subjects, preferably current contentious issues in the industry.
  • The day is divided into sessions offering delegates guidance and the opportunity to work practically using their new skills. The workshop is designed to systematically build on the techniques learned to ensure that delegates improve their skills as the day progresses.

Topics covered

  • Introduction to the different types of media, how they differ and how understanding the way journalists think will help you to anticipate their questions and prepare responses.
  • How to spot a good story – what are journalists looking for and what makes something newsworthy?
  • Preparing for interviews – what do you want to achieve in the interview? Finding and prioritising the facts, developing key messages.
  • Hostile questions – how to retain your composure under fire and have your say.
  • Interruptions – how to prevent the interviewer from bullying you.
  • Your role as a spokesperson – taking full advantage of media contact to promote your organisation.
  • Delivering your message more effectively – analysing the language you use and how certain words help to communicate issues more dynamically.
  • Body language – how the way you look and sound can help to promote your point of view.
  • Tricks of the trade – advice on technical newsgathering issues, how to select the right location for interview and how to ensure words are not edited out through necessity.