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Workshop: Business Planning using  Spreadsheets (MS Excel)

This workshop is designed for those seeking to improve their understanding of business  planning and in particular the application of spreadsheets in analysis, planning and control within a small business.


Participants will learn to design and develop spreadsheet models of increasing complexity for planning, managing and controlling a small business, including the core elements of a business plan (Business Forecasting, Estimation of Income and Expenditure, Cash Flow Analysis, Accounting for Depreciation of Fixed Assets, Generation of Profit and Loss and Balance Sheet Statements).

Topics covered include:

  • Importance of analysis, planning and control for a small business. Business planning models. Interpretation of profit and loss, balance sheet and cash flow reports.
  • Basic principles of effective spreadsheet design: modular structure, documentation, audit trails, ease of maintenance, readability, consistency.
  • Business planning: Developing spreadsheet models of the components of a business plan: sales/income and expenditure, cash flow, profit and loss, depreciation of fixed assets, balance sheet forecasts, sales forecasting.
  • Graphs and charts: Use of charts to illustrate trends in financial data.
  • Management Reports: sharing spreadsheet data and charts with other office applications to produce management reports.