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Birkbeck Consultancy

People are at the heart of every organisation. We believe that when people are working together to a task that is clear and in line with the company's mission, then organisations naturally perform beyond their potential. Such a climate enhances the talent of your people and your success, enabling the organisation to adapt to a continually changing environment. It is when something gets in the way that problems occur.

About Birkbeck Consultancy

  • Birkbeck Consultancy can assist you in a range of ways; from developing and empowering employees and leaders, to clarifying your organisational goals and adapting to change and restructure.
  • The range of services we provide includes leadership and executive coaching, reflective practice groups and supervision, training, resilience and wellbeing workshops, policy development and bespoke organisational consultancy.
  • Our consultants work directly with you to identify your key requirements and achieve your organisational goals.

Working with you

  • Our approach to supporting organisations is simple:
    • In an initial scoping meeting, we work with you to gain an overview of your organisation and establish the heart of the issue.
    • If we think we can support you, we may request further data and information before agreeing with you on an individually tailored action plan and contract to work.
    • We work with you to deliver a robust solution that meets the needs of your organisation, providing a professional yet personable service.

Our consultants

  • Our qualified consultants have a wealth of experience from careers in Learning and Development, Employee Wellbeing, Counselling, Leadership and Management, Policy and Strategy Development, People and Organisational Change.
  • Jenna Davies
    • Jenna is a people development specialist with 12 years’ experience in training and development roles. She has a genuine passion for supporting individuals to reach their potential, transitioning into organisational development to enhance business’ talent and performance.
    • Jenna holds a Masters degree in Management Consultancy and Organisational Change with distinction and is an Associate Member of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development.
    • For more information, you can access Jenna's LinkedIn Profile.