Robert Boyle (1627-91): Work-diary XL (Miscellaneous work-diary entries from the 1680s)

Content: Two short work-diaries from the 1680s: [1] one single long experimental account, which may have been the first of a planned longer work-diary (the elaborate title suggests that this was intended to be a substantial collection); [2] extracts from books by Galen and Aristotle on medical topics

General Information

Work-diary entries

/BP 21, p. 142/

[Authorial heading]:
A Continuation of Promiscuous Addenda
to be with due Connections inserted in
proper Places of my several Writeings,
whether unpublishd or already Printed.

Entry 1: Editorial notes:

To manifest that the Tincture of Lignum Nephriticum, is not the only liquor that will show two different colours as tis held between the eye and the light or lookt on when the beholders backe is turned upon the light. I caus'd some hard soap to be carefully distil'd in a Retort and having taken off that part of the distil'd matter that was very fluid, I found as I expected, that this liquor exhibited two several colours, as t'was differently look't upon with reference to the light (which ought not to be weak) but this oyly Liquor differed from Tincture of Lignum Nephriticum in two main particulars, first, that the Orange colour or (some other that is near of kin to it) which is usually to be observ'd in the tincture of Lignum Nephrinticum when tis held against the light, was not only somewhat different from that of our saponary liquor, as being more darke & troubled, but was best seen when the vial that contain'd it was held not against, but from the light. The other circumstance was, that instead of the ceruleous colour that in a due position is exhibited by the Tincture, our distil'd liquor show'd a green colour, and this also was remarkable in our liquor, that it afforded these Phenomena only at the first destillation, for when t'was rectifyed it became a little more diaphanous, but lost it's disposition to appear green, retaineing only a kind of orenge colour.

/BP 38, fol. 24/

Entry 2: Editorial notes:
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Jaspis virens Stomachum adhæsu, ventrisque os adjuvat. Nonnulli quoque Annulis inserunt, scalpuntque in eo Draconem radios habentem: velut Rex Nechepsos memoriæ prodidit in 16 libro. Sane hujus ego quoque Lapidis abunde periculum feci. Torquem enim ex hujusmodi Lapillis confectum a Collo suspendi, ita ut Lapides os ventris contingerent. Apparebant autem nihilo minus prodesse, etiamsi Sculpturam non haberent quam scripsit Nechepseos. Porro Lapidem Omphalitem vir fide dignus revera jurare morsos a vipera suspensum retulit.

Entry 3: Editorial notes:
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De Vita <igitur ac> Morte, et iis pene omnibus quæ huic Considerationi affinia sunt, dictum est. De Sanitate verò Morbosque non solum Medici sed et Physici est Causas quadantenus referre. Quatenus verò Hi differunt, et quatenus diversa contemplentur Ignorare non convenit. Equidem quòd confinis sit quadantenus hæc Medici Physicique Tractatio, et res ipsa testatur. Nam et Medici, quicunque paulè elegantiores ac diligentiores sunt de Natura dicunt, et Artis suæ Prinicpia inde sumere dignantur: et Physici omnes fere, quicunque Concinnitatis aliquid habent, tractationem Naturæ usque ad Medicinam persequuntur.