Robert Boyle (1627-91): Work-diary XXXV: ('Chymical memorandums continued from January 25')

Content: Chymical recipes from the early 1680s, many in Boyle's code and with significant alterations in an unknown hand

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Work-diary entries

/BP 25, p.75/

[Authorial heading]:
Chymical memorandums
continued from
January 25

Entry 1: Editorial notes:

Take Regulus of Antimony & {sal ammoniac} ana, pouder them very finely, & haveing exquisitly mixt them, sublime them by degrees in a strong & naked fire, then take as much Nardium as the wholl sublimat amounts to mix them well together & put them into a shallow vessel like the cover of a pipkin & laying that upon the Coals, keepe the matter continually stirring 'till most of the salt be evaporated, & there remaine a purplish powder, of which the Dose is 6, 7, or 8 grains, tho more may be given. It works per diaphoresin, & sometims givs a stool or two.

Entry 2: Editorial notes:

Take sublimat & Tinn ana, distill them together pro more, with a pritty strong fire, reserve the smoaking spirit for its particular uses, the remaining Caput Mortuum mix very well with its weight or double its weight of fresh sublimate, then distil it again by degrees of fire [d] giving <yet> at length a vehement & lasting Heate, that you may have a copious sublimate.

Entry 3: Editorial notes:

Take eight parts of the menstruum siccum & one of the Indian salt, melt them very well together [d] (being first finely pouderd) & then keepe it for use.

/BP 25, p.76/

Entry 4: Editorial notes:

Take muceolum one ounce reduc'd to fine pouder [d] by the venereal way, to this add eight grains of Tura & as much Azot, as you please, let them calcine together with a gentle fire 'till no more will be consumed or fly away. Dissolve the remainder in faire water & proceede secundum artem

Entry 5: Editorial notes:

Take one part of {iron}, three of {sal ammoniac}: sublime what will come up in a gentle fire, then with the {caput mortuum} grind Barachid & sublime the mixture with fresh {sal ammoniac}: & with the sublim. proceede secundum artem

Entry 6: Editorial notes:

Remember in the [blank space in MS, 4 characters] essay the Cementation of Tinne with fileings of {iron}

Entry 7: Editorial notes:

And also the union of butter with the double & yet simple oile.

Entry 8: Editorial notes:

Remember there the reduc'd Calcination of {silver} & its feculency.

Entry 9: Editorial notes:

Explaine the Process wherein the two vinegars made of liquors without the help of Fermentation are anaticaly mingled & imploy'd to draw Tinctures.

/BP 25, p.77/

Entry 10: Editorial notes:

Explain also the process wherein halfe an ounce of the Chaos at a time, being prepared but with halfe its weight of {mercury}, this {mercury} is to be put upon fresh materials, and upon the more the better. Tis afterwards to be elevated in forma sublimati with ormum, and then ground with fresh Chaos whereby it is each time revivd &c

Entry 11: Editorial notes:

Mix the [d] unrectify'd oyl & Spirit by shakeing them very well together, and then <let> the Patient smell to them, or touch or nostrills with them, or sprinkle a few drops of the mixture upon her Head clothes.

Entry 12: Editorial notes:

In Dysenteries Dr N. gives new milke for the only sustenance, but alters it with boyleing sometimes a little Rice in it.

Entry 13: Editorial notes:

Take one part of [d] muciolum, one of {sal ammoniac} & 2 of Baracle, haveing mixd the first & last lay the other upon them, & increase the fire by degrees till at length you make it very strong for some hours. Take out your odd kind of mass & by keeping for about 3 weekes in a briske heat reduce it to a reddish Calcinatum

Entry 14: Editorial notes:

To one pound of the Mercureal medicine [d] pro pauperibus add as much of Glaubers universal salt, as much Albada calcin'd and six ounces of ormum, these being united by sublimation <are> to be mix'd with a pound of the matter that afforded the above mentiond medicine, and then be nimbly distilld over, that all that is not fluid may remaine behind, which may afterward be melted & imployed againe.

Entry 15: Editorial notes:

In the Anonymous Butyrum the was <of> a pound & [d] half but 6 ounces of the Coagulating and impregnating Ingredient.

Entry 16: Editorial notes:

Distill together equal parts of good verdigrease common {sulphur} & chrystalls of Venus made of Aq. fortis & [d] apply the liquor that will come over to the part affected

Entry 17: Editorial notes:

An Ingenious acquaintance of mine being taught by me to make Helmonts Elix. Propriet. my way gave 16 drops of it to one that had an ill condition'd ague and in 2 or 3 doses cured the party.

/BP 25, p.78/

Entry 18: Editorial notes:

Powder Quicklime & {sal ammoniac} a part, mix equal Quantitys of them [d] with nimbleness and then by powering water on them [d] make a Lixivium, which being filtrated & evaporated to the consistence of an oile is to be applyed in the quantity of 2 or 3 drops to the navel.

Entry 19: Editorial notes:

Remember the metalline experiment to be made with oil of Sage distild without water

Entry 20: Editorial notes:

Take 20 parts of Urin, power'd off after it has stood some days to settle dissolve in it 4 quarts of Quicklime, 2 of [d] Cendres, Gravelleep, & as much oake ashes, boile or evaporate about a third part and filtrating the rest keepe it close stop'd for use.

Entry 21: Editorial notes:

Take of fileings of {iron} and of Durca ana, keepe them in Cementation in a good Heat for 6, [d] or 8 hower, (if not more) & then [d] melt the mixture with a strong fire & cast it into thin plates, which being ready to melt on the cupel, (& if they doe melt, 'tis never the worse) <cast> on them Lead 'till nothing remain on the cupel but the {iron} in a shining forme & then take it off haveing mixd it with an equal part of Bavarum and <of> Muciolum, proceede with it secundum artem

Entry 22: Editorial notes:

Take of the mineral to be fluxt 3 parts, of {nitre} & {tartar} ana one part mix those three (first separatly and finely powderd) very well together, and putting them into a strong Crucible, keepe them in a good fire for about half an hower, 'till they be sufficiently melted down & flow well, then take off the Crucible and lay it by for a while: and lastly breaking it whilst 'tis yet hot, Separate the Regulus from the Scoriæ & proceede therewith secundum artem partly upon the Cupel and partly by measure &c.

/BP 25, 79/

[Authorial heading]:
A Continuation of Chymicall
Receipts from the 25th of March

Entry 23: Editorial notes:

Make a white Calcination of clean Tartar & pure christalls of {nitre}, with this & an equal weight of {sal ammoniac} make an Urinous spirit & then dissolveing the {caput mortuum} filter it through Cap paper, & let it gently evaporate 'till you obtaine a salt of which the dose is 15 or 20 grains to half a dram to be given in a fitt vehicle at a Convenient time.

Entry 24: Editorial notes:

Take of the lapis albus well prepar'd by the fixing salt {drachm} 2 Borax {drachm} 4 christalls of {nitre} {drachm} 8, Granats {ounce} 1, pulverize these <finely> mix them exquisitly & then proceede secundum artem

Entry 25: Editorial notes:

Take 5 or 6 quarts or pints of water and as much good quicklime as may make a strong Lixivium of it, when the stones have been a while in the water, fling in have a pound of the species ty'd in a Linnen bag that the liquor may have acceasse, & the Species not get out. Boyle the bag in this Lixivium for 4 or 5 howers, & then take out your matter which you will finde to have been much wrought upon.

Entry 26: Editorial notes:

Take sallet oile & dissolve very well in it about a fourth /BP 25, p.80/part of good chandellors Tallow when the Ingredients are exquisitly incorporated remove it from the fire & keepe it for use, which is to melt a little of it & rub it whilst it is warme & it preserves the steele.

Entry 27: Editorial notes:

Take <a pint> of the appropriated oile, & about as much Bitumen as you can well dissolve with it, which may <perhaps> be about {ounce} 1, put them together into a bottle well stopt, & keepe them in hot water, but yet not quite so hot as to make the water [d] boile. This doe for some howers, shakeing the mixture from time to time till you perceive the liquor is richly impregnated & will scarse dissolve any more of the Bitumen: then straine it & [d] when 'tis cold lay it on with a pencil upon wood prepar'd with whiteing <ground fine &> put into a strong size over the fire, & when they are well incorporated strained hot through a Coath & afterwards laid on warm.

Entry 28: Editorial notes:

{Rx} the Aqua liberans that is made with Quicklime Sarsaparilla, Raysins &c & let the Patient drinke of it 3 or 4 ounces at a time once or twice in a day.

Entry 29: Editorial notes:

For the external Hemorrhoids

{Rx} Frankincense & haveing put it upon a Chafeing dish with coals & ashes in it, let the Patient sit over it for a good while that the fumes may come to the part affected.

Entry 30: Editorial notes:

{Rx} Regulus Martis, the Spanish Mineral and as ustum ana calcine each of them a part with its equall part of Sulphur then mix them very well together & calcine the mixture also with its equall weight of Brimstone, then put on it the Menstruum made <or> strengthend with {sal ammoniac} and in digestion draw (which you will do but slowly) a tincture which may be reducd almost to an extract or powder & employ it in the /BP 25, p.81/ Electrum Paracelsi made by equal portions of its two Ingredients

Entry 31: Editorial notes:

Melt crude Albada & the Respublica Acidorum & when they are just brought to fusion keep them in that state till you have by degrees exactly incorporated with them as much in weight as either of them amounts to of good Quicksilver, sublime this mixture in a double Cucurbit of unequall mouthes well luted together, leaveing a Spiraculum at the top, then give a strong fire by degrees for six hours & afterwards almost as strong an one as you can for 24 or longer. Take out your sublimate & keep the Caput mortuum for use

Entry 32: Editorial notes:

{Rx} Banama, Albada, & [d] decrepitated salt ana, mix them very well together with a strong fire sublime as much as you can, then incorporateing the sublimd substance with Calx vive proceed secundum artem.

Entry 33: Editorial notes:

{Rx} Decrepitated salt, calcind (or crude) Allum, & Tasapha equal parts, mix them well & keep them carefully stopt for use fill a pot with Calx viva, in it make a large Hole that may reach almost to the bottom, & fill up that hole with a mixture of powderd Calx & the body to be prepared reducd also to fine powder so that the Calx may every way surround the Body. Then put it into a brick kiln or some such very hot furnace & let it ly till the Bricks be taken out then throw it all into a sufficient quantity of warm water & dissolve as much as you can which being philtered must be evaporated ad siccitatem & then it will be fit for spirit of wine.

Entry 34: Editorial notes:

{Rx} Regulus of {antimony} finely powderd & h[ave]ing fluxd it with an equal or double weig[ht] of fixd Nitre that the salt may be tinged ex[tract] a Tincture with Alcool of Wine, of which give [...] drops pro dosi (in a convenient vehicle) to [...]ty the Blood.

/BP 25, p.82/

Entry 35: Editorial notes:

{Rx} of the Hollanders Lapis albus three parts, of Ormum [d] two parts melt them together in a moderate fire till the bubbles & froth being gone the mass ly quiet & uniform at the bottom, then presently pour it out & keep it well stopt for use.

Entry 36: Editorial notes:

{Rx} of the Unctuous Flux two parts of the Martial Ore one part finely powder'd, mix them together & keep them a competent time in fusion till the Metalline Regulus precipitate.

Entry 37: Editorial notes:

{Rx} of Sand two parts, Ormum one part, Coramen a seventh or eight part mix them well together & haveing melted them down, proceed with the colliquated mixture secundum artem.


Entry 38: Editorial notes:

{Rx} white salt two parts, Tobacco pipe clay one part, moisten them enough to incorporate them well together, then take them for 3, 4, or 5 hours. Powder & searse this mixture & with three parts of it incorporate with as little moysture as may be one part of Tobacco pipe Clay, & according to art drive over the Spirit from the mixture made in to Pellits.

Entry 39: Editorial notes:

For an incipient Gangrene

The part being scarifyed is to be well bath'd with subtle oyl or Spirit of Turpentine

Entry 40: Editorial notes:

{Rx} the Calcinatum made of {nitre} & {tartar} ana philter it 2 or 3 times when 'tis very pure dissolve it in the Alcali Volatile philter it again, & haveing united the Calx first made very dry, with an equal weight of [d] Calcin'd Bloodstone, add to an ounce of this mixture ad an 100 grains of very light Crocus martis & 20 grains of the best Lapis Lazuli, & then proceed [d] with this Mixture secundum artem

Entry 41: Editorial notes:

{Rx} 5 parts of Ormum and the Lapis Hollandi 4 parts mix them, & haveing put them by spoonfulls till <when> the mixture flowes clear and with very few specks, which may be in less than a ¼ h. [d] after all is in, pour it out & keepe it well stopt for use.

Entry 42: Editorial notes:

{Rx} Seasalt calcinizd, Sal {tartar}, & burt Allum ana dissolve the two first & then the last, boil them up to a dry salt, which keep well stopt & put upon ana of the Body you would transmute.

/BP 25, p.83/

[Authorial heading]:
Notes from Jan 25th

Entry 43: Editorial notes:

Take of Tassafa what quantity you please dissolve it in about 4 or 5 times its weight of the simple sublimed (not distilld) Menstruum, Suffer them to foment together for a week or fortnight, which done, distill them by degrees in the fire in a vessell made of differing materialls, and giveing at the last a vehement heat, cohobat this 2 or 3 times, [d] till the {caput mortuum} be feculent and inconsiderable, then place the distilld Liquor in a long bolthead in a boiling Balneum and proceed with it secundum artem

Entry 44: Editorial notes:

Take Taquena that has been well satiated in the fire with good Sp. {distilled vinegar} and by that meanes brought over to be good volatile chrystalls, in the Temporary liquor whereof it was that the Ducats were dissolv'd and destroy'd.

Entry 45: Editorial notes:

{Rx} two parts of unburn'd Tobacco pipe clay and one of burn'd, reduce them by beating and sifting to a very fine powder, beate them exactly with a little horse dung and more haire and a sufficient quantity of faire water (not salt water unless it be to be us'd presently) to the form of a thick unguent, with which annoint the vessell, and when tis dry annoint it again and dry it again, and so proceed 'till the Coate be sufficiently thick.

Entry 46: Editorial notes:

(For Copper it must be soured very bright with Vinegar Sand and salt, and then dry it over a Charcoal fire and worke it presently over the same fire, make the mixture as followeth. Take lb 2 of Peuter and 3 quarts of a pound of Lead and melt them together and run it into thin bars. Heat the Copper pretty well, and then throw in some rosin and then take in the tinn and rub till it melteth and then take a handfull tow and rub the mixture about 'till it taketh.

for brass use the same meanes, but then insteed of rossin we must use sandrimony 'till it taketh your mixture [blank space in MS, 8 characters]. For the Copper steele be a throwing in rosein 'till it taketh, and likewise sandrimony for the brass 'till it also taketh.)

Entry 47: Editorial notes:

Take the unrectified spirit {tartar} abstracted after 2 or 3 dayes digestion from the salt of the Caput Mortuum digest and cohobate them once or twice more and then proceed with the total solution secundum Artem

/BP 25, 84/

/BP 25, 85/

Entry 48: Editorial notes:

Make with Sublimat and Kursella a thick oil like that made the common way with {antimony}, poure upon this <pure> Sp. of wine till it swim 3 or 4 fingers above it, digest it for some dayes, and then destill them off [d] by degrees with a heedfull care, and imploy the acidulous <(not corrosive)> menstruum upon Coralls, &c.

Entry 49: Editorial notes:

To one part of calcin'd English Talck add 2 (or one) of Tacola, melt this fusible mixture with Durca and though they will not incorporate the Durca will be much wash'd and innobled thereby.

Entry 50: Editorial notes:

Take the white stone that Paracelsus commends so much <(I.E. white Pebbles> reduce them without calcination to fine pouder, put this in to an iron or other strong Cucurbit in a stoopeing posture, Let the head be of glass, give a very strong fire and dephlegm well what comes over < tis to make a spirit of [R?oals.]>

Entry 51: Editorial notes:

Take kursella very exquisitly calcined, and melt about 2 parts of it with one of Durca they will not well incorporate together, but yet the colour will be much improved, without makeing the body immalleable. < tis to make a new metal well coulered and not britle.>

Entry 52: Editorial notes:

Take very well calcind kursella, calcine it by casting in by degrees about thrice its weight of good Nitre, then mix with it a pritty quantity of pouder'd charcoal to facilitate the fusion, (which [d] 'twill be difficult and not absolutly necessary to make perfect) after which you may take the reduc'd body and proceed with it as if it were Quatrum, [d] according to the same manner you may handle Vinetum Paracelsi. < tis to cople tin and Zinck.>

Entry 53: Editorial notes:

If you mix Tura or a little Cursella with Barakid you may with Ormum somewhat reduce it, but the best way is to keepe it an hour or better in a strong heat with 3 or 4 times its [...] heat of good Dakilla well made and preser[...] from the Air < to reduce Lune.>