Robert Boyle (1627-91): Work-diary XXXI (Chymical recipes, 1678)

Content: Chymical recipes from 1678, some using Boyle's codes and others making reference to preparations made by chymists such as Paracelsus and George Ripley

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/BP 28, p. 337/

Entry 1: Editorial notes:
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After haveing according to the Methods formerly proposd sublimd a {sulphur} naturæ you may afterwards bring over this {sulphur} in the form of a ['l' at end of word deleted] liquor by puting to it from time to time twice its weight of strong Acetum Menerale & distilling it as long as the fumes come over edemim. Then change the receiver or else put on new liquor to repair the weakening of part of the Msm & drive over what will come in white fumes a good part of which will settle in a liquor & ['the' deleted] if the fire have been strong most if not all of the rest will ascend in a dry form but in much less quantity then before. Mix this with 2ice its weight of strong Msm (supplyd new from time to time to make amends for the produced phlegm) & soe by some cohobations you may bring the ['k' deleted] whole {sulphur} naturæ into a liquor which in balneo or sand you may dephlegm as you will or if you please you may by further abstraction ['you may' deleted] reduce it to an El. F. P. of our pinguedo which ['give' deleted] you may afterwards marry with {mercury} & proceed therewith according to Paracelsus.

Entry 2: Editorial notes:
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The Arcanum Corallinum of parracellsus or at least ['a' inserted] one <of the two> kinds of it is prepard by reducing ['the reduc' deleted] with the help of the Msm foetens the body of Gold into quicksilver & then precipitateing the Mercury per se.

Entry 3: Editorial notes:
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The name Adrop is well handled by Arnaldus. According to ['Riple' deleted] Ripley & some others it signifies the {vitriol} of our {lead} (that is ['{copper}' deleted] venus [' [Rip] [unclear]' deleted] disolvd very well in our {spirit of wine}. This liquor/BP 28, p. 338/ Haveing well Impregnated the {vitriol} and being abstracted from it leavs it in ['black' deleted] the forme of ['the' deleted] a black substance which they call there unguent & is ready to afford the stinking Msm.

Entry 4: Editorial notes:
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{Rx} {pound} i of ['Olipy' deleted] Olimpius ¾ of {pound} of {sal ammoniac} & {pound} ; of its fixt Ingredient ['melt' deleted] melt the Ol. first & then cast in by degrees the other 2 bodys begining with the last keep the matter in very strong for 6 or 8 ['for' deleted] hours then pour it out & you will have a culot which may be about {ounce} iii or some what less. In a strong vessell put to your prepared Cassiteros of the 2 former ingredients ana about {ounce} iii ['of' deleted] (or ['all' deleted] whatever that weighed) casting them in by little & little keep the whole matter in fution for 3 or 4 hours & then proseed with it S. A..

Entry 5: Editorial notes:
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{Rx} i part of Banasis 2 parts of {sulphur} & 8 parts of {nitre} powder each of <them> apart very finly mingle them exactly & not of this mixture put about an equall weight upon the culot to be seperated stering the matter well with a crooked Iron to make it with & get to the bottome of the melted mettall.

Entry 6: Editorial notes:

{Rx} to {pound} i of <our> Pinguedo reduced by the Acetum Minerale to a cleare & uniforme liquor about a quarter of {pound} of {oil} {vitriol}li to keep it from Accension & soe proseed in the known method.

Entry 7: Editorial notes:

Melt one part of theion & ad to it by a very little at a time (almost guttatim) twice its weight of oyle of Ollives by which it may be dissolvd or reduced /BP 28, p. 339/ Into a kind of hepar then powder it finely & put to it 4 times its weight of acetum Minerale which will draw a very red tincture from it cohobate this aliquoties ['o' altered from 'e'] & ['it will' deleted] the hepar will be dissolvd & cease to be inflameable.

Entry 8: Editorial notes:

{Rx} {pound} i of agstein with a slow fire draw from it [' [t] [unclear]' deleted] about 3 quarters ['of' deleted] or {ounce} 12 take all that is ellevated (the {caput mortuum} being useless to our purpose & puting it into another Retort distill it over againe per se 12 or 14 times seperateing at each time <& casting away the> ['the approximately 2 characters, illegible (, ' deleted] phlegme but haveing a great care in all these cohobations that you never distill off above 2 parts of 3 at furthest for if <once> the remaines should at any be [' approximately 4-5 characters, illegible (, ' deleted] burnd they would be reduced into a kind of ['Cool' deleted] Cole not to be ['dissold' deleted] dissolvd by the same liquor ['or to' deleted] (thô it may be by acetum Minerale) soe that heareby the operation would be spoyld which if well made would unite all the usefull parts of the concrete into a noble mass whereoff a small ['pill' deleted] pill will prove very anodyne safe and benefitiall.