Robert Boyle (1627-91): Work-diary XXX (Miscellaneous work-diaries from the early 1670s)

Content: Entries from two short work-diaries from the early 1670s: [1] meteorological observations regarding temperature and pressure; [2] experimental accounts concerning pendulums, oils and fermentation

General Information

Work-diary entries

/BP 10, fol. 21/

Entry 1: Editorial notes:

About the 7th of January [slo] [unclear] 4 bubles were poysd the ['mark' deleted] {mercury} standing at 29, The weather glass at 2 above the freesing mark.

Febr. 21 Though the weather glass stood at 3 and ¾ yet the {mercury} in the Barometer being 29 and ½ three of the bubles continued sunke.

Febr. 7th the liquor being at 1 and ¾ of a division beneath the freesing mark, the {mercury} Cylinder being 28 inche ⅝ 3 of the ['bubbl' deleted] bubles swumm.

March 14 though the weatherglass was 6 divisions above the freeseing mark, and the Mercureal Cylinder but as before 28 and ⅝ one of the bubles swum.

March 27 the ['Mercury' deleted] Barascopical mercury, being at 28 ⅜ though the weather glass were at 5 and ¾ two of the bubles swam.

Apr. 18 the weatherglass being at 5 and the {mercury}al Cylinder ['but' deleted] at 28 and [' approximately 1 character, illegible, ' deleted] a half the bubles did all 3 swim

/BP 26, fol. 137/

Entry 2: Editorial notes:

To shew the cognation that even gross and empyreumatical oiles may have with pure {spirit of wine} I [altered from 'm'] made the following experiment ['s' at end of word deleted] Haveing caus'd some Guajacum to be distill'd per se in a Retort (the common way) we tooke the oil after it had been purified by Rectification, and put to it in a phial a convenient quantity of highly rectified {spirit of wine}, and then haveing well shaken these liquors together they seem'd to be thoroughly mix'd after a differing manner from that of {spirit of wine} and oil of Turpentine or oil of Amber &c when these are shaken together, and thô we kept this very black and dark mixture for several days in a quiet place, yet we perceived not that the liquors did separate from one an other, as it is wont to happen in an hower or two or less when {spirit of wine} is confounded with oil of Turpentine or Petrolium &c.

Entry 3: Editorial notes:

A pendulum to vibrate second minutes ought according to the standard of the Royal Society to be 39 inches + ¾ to be reccond from the point of suspension or center of motion /BP 26, fol. 138/ to an imaginary point, that in Pistol bullets, & the like small globes reaches allmost to the midle of the bullet, I say allmost, because this point is plac'd short of the Center about a 10th part of the Diameter.

For a Pendulum to vibrate ½ seconds a quarter of the Length namly nine inches 15/16 is to be taken.

Entry 4: Editorial notes:

A pound of raisins was set to ferment with water in a glass, covered with a bladder on the 26 of Nov. and on the 26th of December following the bladder was taken off with a pritty Quantity of produc'd Air.

Entry 5: Editorial notes:
Marginal notes integral to entry text

Equall parts by guess of totally ardent spirit of fermented sugar and highly rectified Spirit {sal ammoniac}, being shaken together in the cold did presently begin and in a short time made a coagulum, that seem'd at first to take up the greatest part of the space possess'd by the two mingled Liquors, but afterwards subsided in the form of a white saline powder which I judg'd not to fill much above a quarter of that space.