Robert Boyle (1627-91): Work-diary XXVII (Chymical recipes and notes from the late 1660s)

Content: Chymical recipes, many of them alchemical, aphorisms and notes contained in disbound pages from a small notebook of the late 1660s

General Information

Work-diary entries

/BP 44, fol. 43/

Entry 1: Editorial notes:

{Rx} grosse peeces of {sulphur} pt i & calx vive pts ii boyl them (continually stirrig) till the {sulphur} be dissolvd; [filter] [unclear, faint ink], a vapor ad sicc. add a 20th part of sal Decrepit. & distill over a red Sp.

Entry 2: Editorial notes:

{Rx} 2 pts Clay & one {sal ammoniac} distill & cohobate

Entry 3: Editorial notes:

{Rx} {sulphur} (vel florum [eius] [unclear, faint ink]) sacch ana [digere] [unclear, faint ink] per 10 vel 12 [approximately 4 characters illegible] &c

Entry 4: Editorial notes:

[Rr] [unclear, ink blot] the fromage [movir] [unclear, faint ink] made up with sifted Ashes

Entry 5: Editorial notes:

A Colorless stone kept 12 or 18 days, in hot scales of steele (but not red hot) gave it the color of a faire Aigue marine.

Entry 6: Editorial notes:

Ad Carunculas

{Rx} {ounce} ; of pouder'd savine stibium (i.e., crude ['ru' altered from 'ur'] {copper} {drachm} ii oare (the yellow) {ounce} vi all exactly powderd & mix incorpor with yell ['y' altered from 'w'] wax {ounce} ; [res. pini] [unclear] {drachm} ii

/BP 44, fol. 43v/

Entry 7: Editorial notes:

F Candela when 'tis to cover a silver pipe cover it with alcool of Bol. arm.

Entry 8: Editorial notes:

[Rr that the] [unclear, faint ink] Min Celeste may be kept in Glasse, glaz'd [approximately illegible, faint ink] th, & oaken Vessels [(but] [unclear, faint ink] New) & is to be kept stopt.

Entry 9: Editorial notes:

[approximately at least 15 characters illegible, faint ink] with sack & syrup of Elder Flowers

Entry 10: Editorial notes:

[{Rx}] [unclear, faint ink] the Inefficacy of Galens Med for mad Dogs, & of viper powder in Ireland

Entry 11: Editorial notes:

Tis <often> easyer to know what one ought to beleeve, than what Ar. did beleeve ['b' altered from 't'] : for Natur. never contrad. hir selfe; but he may in one place contrad. what he teaches in anot: & we can aske Nature /BP 44, fol. 44/ new questions by pre [approximately 6 characters illegible, tear in page] vis'd Expts; but so w [approximately 6 characters illegible, tear in page]

Entry 12: Editorial notes:

suppose the Nature [approximately 12 characters illegible, faded] the medium employd (as if [the] [unclear, faded ink] [approximately 12 characters illegible, faded] include a Magnet [red hot] [unclear, faint ink] in a Box that had Iron or steele,) by &c

Entry 13: Editorial notes:

{Rx} the [Præror] [unclear, faint ink] of [approximately 5 characters illegible, faded] is [eminent] [unclear, faint ink] for a [approximately 5 characters illegible, faded] very generally op [approximately 5 characters illegible, faded] as heat, [in being] [unclear, faint ink] {sal ammoniac} [approximately 5 characters illegible, faded] a Dissolvent; &c (answerable to a [approximately 5 characters illegible, faded] obstruent, or [approximately 8 characters illegible, faded] of ['purganin' deleted] Diuretick in Physick

Entry 14: Editorial notes:

Pollish Silver worke with Putty & Water.

['P' deleted] (& Brasse with Tripoly & Water

/BP 44, fol. 44v/

Entry 15: Editorial notes:

[approximately 7 characters illegible, tear in page] avagants [approximately 6 characters illegible] ll comparing of Cuntrys.

Entry 16: Editorial notes:

[approximately 6 characters illegible, tear in page] ing of Words by [approximately 5 characters illegible, tear in page] g &c, for fleets

/BP 44, fol. 45/

Entry 17: Editorial notes:

(Rr to send for

/BP 44, fol. 45v/

Entry 18: Editorial notes:

The Divisions of Philosophers are often to be look't on like those of Geographers & Natigations; where Diff. Dominions or Names do not always argue differing Soyls & Waters.

Entry 19: Editorial notes:

Rr to apply this to the Stages of N's Progresses

Entry 20: Editorial notes:

I exam. not whose such an Op. was but whose it shud be, & ['por' deleted] it <be true> [ replacing 'ought to' deleted] I conclude it ought to be mine

Entry 21: Editorial notes:

Who <employ> [ replacing 'set' deleted] your Int. or their Fancys <to> [insertion in line] chuse their Opinions, & <leave it to> [ replacing 'employ' deleted] their Understandings, only to Maintain them.

Entry 22: Editorial notes:

Rr the Concentrat. of Beams in the Præface to the II Tome.

Entry 23: Editorial notes:

Rr that in hot Regions by the Ordinary Concours of the Air & Sun oft Eggs are hatch'd <in to Birds>

/BP 44, fol. 46/

Entry 24: Editorial notes:

Ol. Ess. I. 6 {ounce} tru Ess. Ol. [approximately 1 character illegible] 4 {ounce} of Succ. 6 {ounce} incorp. these with 4 [altered from '2'] {ounce} of tafafa in a morter. Then ad {ounce} 8 of the pure volatil Sp. {sal ammoniac} true ['t' altered from '7'] Vol. tafafa {ounce} 7. 20 ounces of the pure V. Sp. {urine} & {ounce} 8 of the com sp. of Terp & 2 Gall. of {spirit of wine} [easier] [unclear]. Draw these all over the helm once. <from {salt} of Potashes> [insertion in margin] This multip. by Destill. from common oyle.

Entry 25: Editorial notes:

The Creation. The Flood. The oyl ponderous as {gold}. The liq. ascending & in the Air made Astral, falling againe. Moses's Manna & the Tal & sweet unctuosity imbibd out of it. The little man that went out before 7. The heated Arme. The Chaotic Net as a Recipient. The water reaching to saffron, niter, &c & the Masse the [7] [unclear] among them {mercury}. the {salt} {urine}æ. Common [{mercury}] [unclear] an abortive. Columb. Dian & {copper}. That the Xpt. may be made (but in much longer time, & with more Ch. & Diff. with [parc] [unclear] alone./ The Chaotic, Salvatory & Rationall Wls & 88 at the top of the last of the 20 mss before multipl. 9. for the Msm/ half a coccos, ['in' deleted] kindled & almost killd him./ The separable earth of Paz./ The internal Magn./ Irene /BP 44, fol.46v/ The specific for ['{lead}' deleted] {lead}./ The sh. oyl. Liquid & coagulated./ The Baracle & paz with the Ferm. or {tincture} will make a min. perp

Entry 26: Editorial notes:

(The common Sapo requires a Gallon of {spirit of wine} R to 8 {ounce} of it)

Entry 27: Editorial notes:
Later marginal endorsements:

['The' deleted] Rr that Anarus (or Aranus) is the matter of the Bombast./ & needs no addition. (unlesse perhaps at last & tis an oyl or oleiforme.

yet if this oyl be united with ana of the Bomb. of Tart. & that of {nitre} they will all come over toget. ['og' altered from 'r'] into one msm.

Entry 28: Editorial notes:

With out Essential Saponary Msm one may draw a true <{gold}> [insertion in margin] pot. ['of that' deleted] the Scor. made by injected {nitre} ['near' deleted] upon a Reg. made of 2 pts Reg {antimony} simpl. & one of {gold}

Entry 29: Editorial notes:

The Msm [or {mercury}] soph. draws out of paz about a ¼ pt of {tincture} or oyl; which being fixt upon a due prop of {gold} [q. an commune] goes one up. 10 & that with more liq. 1 up 100 & so &.

Entry 30: Editorial notes:

Bomb. may be multipl. by the Essential oil itself draws from Talk.)

Entry 31: Editorial notes:

['C' deleted] Keep our Melago ['l' alterd from 'c'] stiring till it be pulverable with it's own [Phl.] [unclear] extract the Chrystals make a sapo of them (a little opend by a slit calcin.) ['urine' deleted] with ol. Ess. ['Ju' deleted] Junip. & by cohob. ['b' altered from 'l'] unite & bring this over with <most> high Rectif. Sp. of {urine}

/BP 44, fol. 47/

Entry 32: Editorial notes:

Aug. 15th. The matter of the mps is the unct. pt of Talc but that of Bbt is [incoroi] [unclear]

Entry 33: Editorial notes:

The Eben will relent <much> in the Air

Entry 34: Editorial notes:

Our ['O' altered from 'T'] Sp. V. is ex tale & is really unct. or oleag. & will swim on water

Entry 35: Editorial notes:

Each Eg [a second 'g' at end of word is deleted] is a Separ. Elem. (viz {earth} and {water}) but made without Destillat.

Entry 36: Editorial notes:

The Magnet draws 4 or 5 pints in a day

Entry 37: Editorial notes:

Tasafa, (especially by the help of the mgt) is putrifyd; then subslimd into dry salt (in 2 months, but <to gaine the> [ replacing 'in' deleted] forma liquida; it requires 5 months more.

Entry 38: Editorial notes:
Later marginal endorsements:

From {ounce} i of Paz draw {drachm} ii of {tincture} reduce the rest into neg. imbibe gradatim {drachm} i till you have united it with ['{drachm} ix' deleted] 9 drams of neg. then put the other 3 & ['it' deleted] unite that 18 times the neg. may exceed the {tincture}. This poud will ['go' deleted] upon com. paz make an Eb. which (once or 2 invigorated ['t' altered from 'd'] ) will upon co neg. make a Min. Perp.

Entry 39: Editorial notes:

By an Eg.'s reaching {lead} & is meant that it radically dissolves it into a Liq. distinct from the msm. [An] [unclear] or after the 6 or 7th eg. it reaches paz & all other such bodys.

Entry 40: Editorial notes:

Bbt multipl. it self from somthing it extracts from the bodys it works on.

Tis best preservd by immersed sol. As the mps is, by being diluted with it's owne liquid parent.

Entry 41: Editorial notes:

Paz hath in it a separable {earth}

Entry 42: Editorial notes:

A msm (short of the 3 noblest) wil so only reduce {mercury} sub. as also Ars. ['&' deleted] into sweet, & innoc., & efficac. oils.

/BP 44, fol. 47v/

Entry 43: Editorial notes:

Reductif. {Rx} ban. {ounce} v, salis decr. {ounce} iii. M. F. P. si opus, adiice Ars. {drachm} v; &, (si prac.) carb. partem 2m [resp] [unclear] totius. [Linus] [unclear] mist. partes 2, corp. reduce partem unam

Entry 44: Editorial notes:

{Rx} {tin} pts 8, {mercury} pt i

/BP 44, fol. 48/

Entry 45: Editorial notes:

Rr Workmanship. Self-enjoyment. Improvident. Pusillan. take it to be answer indistinctly ['workmanship' deleted] Counterpoyson:

Entry 46: Editorial notes:

Inadæquate negative Conceptions. Take hold of, but not Graspe: Dress of Matter. Use or Wisd. [undisce] [unclear] vera for being Too curious. Perform. our Underst. cannot reach to the maner. of Subserv. to the Person, & the End. Unconceiv. Excellency. Superemint. Knol. Unconceivable Perf: Architectonic wisdom. subservient - as to - &c. exprehensive Faculty - so many steps by which the mind ascends from the View Directive - contracted Nature & Intellect: concernd in the Fabric. Fermentative Agitat: & consequently, Collision: Mask's of Matters. Analyticall Putref. or Fermentatio. Incongr. to it self: energetic particles. Congenealness intrinsic Ferments. then to pass on, to what tis high time to prceed to release the fetterd or impr. part Heroisme Prejudicacy. feeble reason [stretgret] [unclear] or smal of signific./ Chance, or [' approximately 3 characters, illegible, ' deleted] unguided Mot. of Matter [Atomology] Impenetrable Extension./ to Physiologize Anticipation./ Cogitative Beings,/ Materialists,/ Corporealists. Directives Principle/ Fortuitous Mechanisme / Histrionicall &c/ Philos. or Philosophizing Engine.

/BP 44, fol. 48v/

Entry 47: Editorial notes:

Aurorian, or Corpuscular Philosophy & Probationary Hypoth. Notions, Rules &c.

Entry 48: Editorial notes:

Dissolve the frame is not Presumable. Permananency in a separate state & the person he sustains & the tenor of his Doctrine.

/BP 44, fol. 49/

Entry 49: Editorial notes:

1) [qo] [unclear, faint pencil] {tincture} of [Can[???]] [unclear, faint pencil]
2) [approximately 6-8 characters illegible, ] of things to be seald up
3) The [approximately 5-7 characters illegible, ] of [dry sol] [unclear, faint pencil]
4) The use of Sol. {gold}
5) The making of {salt} {antimony}
Rr Subl. & C V
fetid ol. {tartar}

Entry 50: Editorial notes:

{Rx} 2 {pound} of Aloes in powder, to one of the berrys of Miss. of w. thorne; or apple or peare. Sun them or saltem keep them for 4, 5, or 6 in F Pils of [then] [unclear] to a dr. [glue] [unclear] over night

Entry 51: Editorial notes:

The ['Pils o' deleted] Syr. is mad of ana of berrys of Miss & sugar left without fire to ferment.

Entry 52: Editorial notes:

{Rx} Fresh spearewort, beaten or, the Dry with a little strongth.

Entry 53: Editorial notes:

Abstract {spirit of wine} rect. (but not At Cohob:) 4 or 5 times from good C. V. with a Str. Fire at lest.