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Boyle's 'Notes' on his classic 'Essay concerning Saltpeter';, in which he vindicated a mechanical explanation of chemical change by separating saltpetre into its constituent parts and then reintegrating them (published in The Works of Robert Boyle (1999-2000), vol. 2, p. xvii-xviii). (Boyle Papers 10, fol. 82 © Royal Society)

Image of manuscript BP36, fol. 114r

'The Order of my Severall Treatises': one of a series of lists by Boyle of his works, completed and in progress. This dates from c. 1665 (published in The Works of Robert Boyle (1999-2000), vol. 14, pp. 331-2), (Boyle Papers 36, fol. 114 © Royal Society)

Image of manuscript BP8, fol. 3r

The opening page of an early version of Boyle's seminal work, Some Considerations touching the Usefulness of Experimental Natural Philosophy, published in 1663 (Boyle Papers 8, fol. 3 © Royal Society)

Image of manuscript BP 25, p. 185

The opening page of Boyle's principal alchemical work, his 'Dialogue concerning the Transmutation of Metals', translated into Latin by Boyle's Lithuanian protégé, Thomas Ramsay (published in Lawrence M. Principe, The Aspiring Adept (1998), pp. 236-55) (Boyle Papers 25, p. 185 © Royal Society)

Image of manuscript BP38, fol. 1r

The first page of Boyle's manuscript draft of his 'Articles of Enquiry, touching Mines', published in Philosophical Transactions in 1666 (and in The Works of Robert Boyle (1999-2000), vol. 5, pp. 529-40) (Boyle Papers 38, fol. 1 © Royal Society)


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