Document Title: Miscellaneous papers, including sections of text relating to imperfections of natural history, use of experiments, etc., and lists of 'Probatory' and 'Exploratory' Experiments (fol. 52).
Related Material: Fol. 52 published in Rose-Mary Sargent, The Diffident Naturalist: (1995), p. 173. Fol. 56 published in Boyle’s ‘Designe’, p. 11
Extent: Fols. 49-60 (12 leaves)
Date: Late 17th century
Description: Fols. 53 and 58 are copies of fol. 51, prescriptions for solving 'a Practical Problem'.
Physical Description: Manuscript. Fol. 57 blank except endorsements.
Language: English

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Boyle Papers Volume 9 Fol. 48v-49r