Document Title: MS versions of two passages in Hidden Qualities and five in General History of Air
Related Material: (a)See vol. 8, p. 130; (b)See vol. 12, pp. 30-1, 138-9, 145, 139, 42-3. Includes extracts from Workdiary 21-536, 613, 615, 692, 706 (see BP 27, pp. 1-159). Partly published in Paralipomena, p. 170.
Extent: Fols. 95-6 (2 leaves)
Date: 1660s endorsed c. 1680 or later
Description: (a) Hidden Qualities: (i) sentence about antomonium diaphoreticum from 'Suspicions about Some Hidden Qualities in the Air', paragraph 21; passage on the fruit of the junipa tree, from de Rocheford, from 'Suspicions about Some Hidden Qualities in the Air', paragraph 22. Has reference not in published text. (b) General History of Air, all slightly elaborated in the published version: (i) Title 11, paragraph 1 and start of paragraph 2, some changes in wording; (ii) Title 33, paragraphs 1 & 2.; Endorsed: 'chap: 8/To the Tract Of the Aire'; (iii) Passage closely related to Title 38, paragraph 3, though published in this form in Hidden Qualities of the Air. Endorsed: 'ch: 7/To the Same Tract'; (iv) Title 34, paragraphs 1 & 2. Endorsed: 'ch: 8/To the Tract of the Aire And the notes about hardness'; (v) Title 11, final two paragraphs (save one), ends mid-sentence at bottom of fol. 96v. Endorsed: 'ch. 7 or 8./To the Tract of the Aire'.
Hand: uncertain (95r), G (95v)?, E (95v-6), endorsed C? and A
Physical Description: Manuscript
Language: English

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Boyle Papers Volume 38 Fol. 94v-95r