Document Title: (1) MS version of part of Christ. Virt., I, Appendix and
(2) passages concerning admiration and understanding of God and his works; the correct use of words 'inconceivable' and 'incomprehensible'; and other topics.

Related Material: (1) Works, vol. 12, p. 396.
Extent: Fols. 60-1 (2 leaves)
Date: 1680s
Description: (1) Conference III, argument IV, paragraph 7, complete, showing several revisions. Additional paragraphs on fols. 60v and 61 not published, though all were transcribed; unclear whether they were intended for this work.
Hand: Smith, correc by Boyle
Physical Description: Manuscript
Language: English

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Boyle Papers Volume 10 Fol. 59v-60r