Document Title: List of 'Experiments to be made in seald R[eceiver]'
Related Material: Works, vol. 6, pp. 11-13, 251-4; Works, vol. 7, pp. 87, 97. Published in Heads & Inquiries, pp. 3-4
Extent: Fol. 118 (1 leaf)
Date: 1660s
Description: Includes various experiments published by Boyle, including ones in 'Relation between Light and Air' (Phil. Trans., 1668) ('Sealing up of rotten wood that shines' and 'The sealing of faintly shining fish') 'Respiration' (Phil. Trans., 1670) ('The Sealing up of Insects') and 'Of the Difficulty of Producing Flame without Air', experiment I, and 'Of the Difficulty of Preserving Flame without Air', experiment I (Flame and Air) ('Seal up a little Brimstone & try to burne it').
Hand: E
Physical Description: Manuscript
Language: English

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Boyle Papers Volume 10 Fol. 117v-118r