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MS versions of two passages in Hidden Qualities and five in General History of Air.
Related Material:
(a)See vol. 8, p. 130;
(b)See vol. 12, pp. 30-1, 138-9, 145, 139, 42-3.
Includes extracts from Workdiary 21-536, 613, 615, 692, 706 (see BP 27, pp. 1-159).
Fol. 94 (1 leaf)
1660s endorsed c. 1680 or later
(a) Hidden Qualities: (i) sentence about antomonium diaphoreticum from `Suspicions about Some Hidden Qualities in the Air', paragraph 21; passage on the fruit of the junipa tree, from de Rocheford, from `Suspicions about Some Hidden Qualities in the Air', paragraph 22. Has reference not in published text.
(b) General History of Air, all slightly elaborated in the published version: (i) Title 11, paragraph 1 and start of paragraph 2, some changes in wording; (ii) Title 33, paragraphs 1 & 2.; Endorsed: `chap: 8/To the Tract Of the Aire'; (iii) Passage closely related to Title 38, paragraph 3, though published in this form in Hidden Qualities of the Air. Endorsed: `ch: 7/To the Same Tract'; (iv) Title 34, paragraphs 1 & 2. Endorsed: `ch: 8/To the Tract of the Aire And the notes about hardness'; (v) Title 11, final two paragraphs (save one), ends mid-sentence at bottom of fol. 96v. Endorsed: `ch. 7 or 8./To the Tract of the Aire'.
Hand: uncertain (95r), G (95v)?, E (95v-6), endorsed C? and A
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    Archive reference: BP 38, fol. 96v-97r

This is an image of BP 38, fol. 96v-97r.
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