Document Title
MS version of part of Christ. Virt., II.
Related Material:
Works, vol. 12, pp. 454-5, 457-8, including hitherto unpublished material.
Fols. 68-70 (3 leaves)
? 1680s
Proposition I, section II, subsection I, article III, paragraphs 5 and 8-12. Out of order: marginalia on 69r/v and 68r (paragraph 5), then 69, 68, marginalia on 68v (paragraph 11), finally 70. Bracketed section on 68v not published.
Hand: Bacon, corrections by Boyle
Physical Description:

    Archive reference: BP 38, fol. 69v-70r

This is an image of BP 38, fol. 69v-70r.
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