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Pasted-up notes, including fragments of Usefulness.
Related Material:
1. Works, vol. 6 , pp. 441-2.
2. Works, vol. , pp. 417-20.
3. Works, vol. 6, pp. 444-5.
See also BP 38, fol. 155.
Fols. 27-30 (4 leaves)
1650s, 1660s
1.MS version of part of point `1' in essay on `Usefulness of Mathematics', following text on BP 17, fol. 73; exactly as published (27b).
2.Fragments concerning cures, overlapping with text in Essay V, chap. X. Linked with BP 17, fol. 64 (29).
3.MS version of first, second, and fifth paragraphs in point `3' of essay on `Usefulness of Mathematics' (30a).Other items deal with scholastic neglect of experience, 'the redintegration of bodies ('For the 33d sect.'), etc.
Hand: E, rounded 1650s
Physical Description:

    Archive reference: BP 38, fol. 26v-27r

This is an image of BP 38, fol. 26v-27r.
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