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Extracts from workdiaries and pasted down sections of text, recipes and memoranda.
Related Material:
For fol. 85b, see Correspondence, vol. 6, pp. 121-2.
For fol. 88b, see Works, vol. 12, p. 29.
Fols. 78-89 (12 leaves)
1670s - mid - 18th century
Some pasted down, some numbered, one dated May 22 1664 (fol. 88). Between fols. 83 and 84 is a slip containing memoranda by Miles.
Fol. 85b is a copy of part of a letter from Wallis to Boyle of 20 May 1685.
Fol. 88b (copy of BP 27, p. 6a) is an MS version of title 9, paragraph 1 of General History of Air.
Hand: Bacon, C, Miles, ?
Physical Description:

    Archive reference: BP 26, fol. 77v-78r

This is an image of BP 26, fol. 77v-78r.
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