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'Memoirs & Paralipomena the 2nd Tome'
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Material on gems evidently intended for Gems (see Works, vol. 7).
Copy of pp. 245-8 in BP 9, fols. 81-2.
Pp.225-54 (15 leaves)
Mid - late 1670s
Notes of experiments, reports from travellers, extracts from books, etc.; title-page, 'Memoirs for Divers parts of Naturall History Treated of by Mr. Boyle... The ? Section' (p. 253). Including notes on rubies and diamonds, incl. `the Diamond of Don Philippi Mascarini, Governour of Goa', which `weigh'd 32 gr[ains] and did actually shine in the Darke' (endorsed `Particulars belonging to the Origin of Gems' [pencil title, erased]), together with: 'A Description of the Trew Thermometer' (pp. 245-8, endorsed 'Mr. Wick's [?] Description of his Weather Glasse'). Two dates in September 1678 appear on p. 225.
Hand: Various hands
Physical Description:
Fol. 254 blank.

    Archive reference: BP 25, pp. 228-9

This is an image of BP 25, pp. 228-9.
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