Document Title:
MS version of part of Notion of Nature.
Related Material:
Works, vol. 10, pp. 542-8, p. 549 with lacuna on pp. 545-6.
Fols. 105-9 (5 leaves)
c. 1680
Section VII, axiom VI, paragraphs 8-16, most of paragraph 18. Begins midsentence on fol. 107, subsequent leaves misbound: the correct order is fols. 107-8, 105-6, 109. Lacuna on pp. 545-6 in first edition matches passage omitted in Latin editions. Some additional material inserted later, including passage from MS 199, fol. 50.
Hand: B, correc by Boyle?
Physical Description:

    Archive reference: BP 18, fol. 104v-105r

This is an image of BP 18, fol. 104v-105r.
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