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(i) `A Preliminary Title'/`Primary Titles Additional for the History of Human Blood', (ii) `Secondary Titles or Subtitles For the History of Human Blood'
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For the printed version, see Works, vol. 10, pp. 12-13.
For the full list prepared for the second edition see BP 18, fols. 45v-46, 49v-50, and BP 26, fol. 46.
Fols. 56-7 (2 leaves)
c. 1680
In two columns on fol. 56r, continuing on fols. 56v-7. This list appears to show the process whereby Boyle expanded the printed list to reach the version prepared for the proposed second edition of Human Blood. The 'Primary Titles Additional' consist of titles not present in the printed list, which do appear in the longer list prepared for the second edition. The 'Subtitles' listed here were originally referred to the relevant head in the printed list, using the numbers established there. These numbers were subsequently replaced with a series which refer the subtitle to the relevant category in the second edition list.
Hand: Greg, Z
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    Archive reference: BP 18, fol. 55v-56r

This is an image of BP 18, fol. 55v-56r.
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