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List of Heads for Human Blood, etc.
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Fol. 48r: For the printed list, see Works, vol. 10, pp. 12-13, 40-1.
Fol. 48v: (i) See also BP 9, fols. 92-3.
(ii) Published in M. Hunter, 'Boyle versus the Galenists', Medical History 47 (1997), 332; M. Hunter, Robert Boyle, Scrupulosity and Science (2000), 167.
See also BP 18, fols. 133-4.
Fol. 48 (1 leaf)
c. 1680
List of Heads, including 'Secondary Titles concerning The Spirit of Humane Blood' similar to published version but with some reordering On fol. 48v are (i) 'Heads' concerning arguments from reason and authority, and (ii) for Boyle's critique of orthodox medicine.
Hand: Bacon
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    Archive reference: BP 18, fol. 47v-48r

This is an image of BP 18, fol. 47v-48r.
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